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Anime Profile: Vandread: The Second Stage

USA Info
Japanese Info
Vandread: The Second StageVandread (ヴゑンドレッド the second stage)Vandread: The Second Stage
· · ·
Bandoreddo: The Second Stage (romanization)
13 TV episodes (season 2)13 TV episodes (season 2)
September 24, 2002Oct 5, 2001–Jan 18, 2002
Geneon/Bang Zoom! Ent. (original licesor), FUNimation (new licensor)GONZO, Media Factory, Bandai Channel, Animax
Takeshi Mori
Takeshi Mori
Vandread (season 1)Vandread (season 1)
Barnette OrangelloBarnette Orangello
· · ·
Buzam A. CalessaBuzam A. Calessa
· · ·
Dita LiebelyDita Liebely
· · ·
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Characters: Vandread: The Second Stage

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Barnette Orangello Barnette Orangello Celtic βŠ• Celtic βŠ•
Buzam A. Calessa Buzam A. Calessa Ezra βŠ• Ezra βŠ•
Dita Liebely Dita Liebely Gascogne βŠ• Gascogne βŠ•
Duelo McFile Duero Makufairu Magno βŠ• Magno βŠ•
Hibiki Tokai Hibiki Tokai Meia βŠ• Meia βŠ•
Jura Basil Elden Jura Basil Elden Paiway βŠ• Paiway βŠ•
Meia Gisborn Meia Gisborn Parfiet βŠ• Parfiet βŠ•
Bart βŠ• Bart βŠ• Rabat βŠ• Rabat βŠ•

Description: Vandread: The Second Stage

Following the events of the first season of Vandread, the crew of the Nirvana have finally adjusted to having man and woman work together in a relative peace. They travel in search of their real home and finally edge closer to reaching it, fighting hard to survive the trip along the way.

However, things take a twist when the Nirvana acquires an escape pod containing a girl named Misty Cromwell, who comes from the Earth. Also, the Nirvana discovers the shocking truth of the true origin of the "mysterious alien enemy" who attacked them in the first season. As the Nirvana continues to fend of new and deadlier attacks, new twists abound and tensions run high as they run into a massive conspiracy that could threaten the peace of the galaxy.

Description: Vandread: The Second Stage

The characters from Vandread are working together as a team, but are still re-discovering the relationship between men and women.

The series ends with an encounter with the main enemy, where every character's life is put on the line. Hibiki himself boards the enemy's mothership, and confronts the villian one on one.

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