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Anime Profile: Victorian Romance Emma

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Japanese Info
Victorian Romance Emma Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma(θ‹±εœ‹ζˆ€η‰©θͺžγ‚¨γƒž) Victorian Romance Emma
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Emma: A Victorian Romance Victorian Romance Emma
24 TV Episodes(2 Seasons) 24 TV Episodes(2 Seasons)
  April 2, 2005–June 18, 2005(Season 1)
· · ·
  April 16, 2007(Season 2)
Nozomi Ent./RightStuf Studio Pierrot/Pony Canyon/Fuji Corporation/Toshiba Ent/TBS
  Kaoru Mori
  Tsuneo Kobayashi
Drama, Romance, Historical Drama, Romance, Historical
Adele Adele
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Al Al
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Alma Alma
· · ·
Arthur Jones Arthur Jones
· · ·
Aurelia Jones Aurelia Jones
· · ·
Colin Jones Colin Jones
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Anime Characters: Victorian Romance Emma

Anime Description: Victorian Romance Emma

Victorian Romance Emma takes place in 19th Century England, and tells the story of Emma, a maid working for former governess Kelly Stowner. She is visited by William Jones, one of Kelly's former students. He catches the eye of Emma and begins to fall in love with her. However, he lives in a world where social status is everything, especially since William belongs to one of the richest families in England.

The differences between create some majors hurdles. Can William and Emma overcome them to be together? And how will William's family react once they do?

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