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Anime Profile: Weather Report Girl

USA Info
Japanese Info
Weather Report Girl Weather Report Girl Weather Report Girl
2 OVA episodes 2 OVA episodes
November 29, 2005(DVD)  
RightStuf Toho
  Tetsu Adachi
Ecchi Ecchi
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Weather Woman(live action) Weather Woman(live action)
Chairman Chairman
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Keiko Nakadai Keiko Nakadai
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Michiko Kawai Michiko Kawai
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Samejima Samejima
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Yamagishi Yamagishi

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon and The Right Stuf.

Anime Description: Weather Report Girl

Michiko, who is the weather report girl for the failing television station ATV, finds herself searching for a one-night replacement so that she may attend a wedding. After looking and looking through the employee files, she finally comes across a one Keiko Nakadai. Unlike the other beauties Michiko's so far rejected, Keiko Nakadai looks to be a very non-glamourous woman, almost nerdy in appearance. Once Michiko hits upon Keiko's file, she knows that she has found her replacement for the night, as she figures Keiko's the perfect woman to make herself look great by comparison. Unfortunately for Michiko, she doesn't have any clue as to what kind of mistake she is about to make!

Weather Report GirlWhen Keiko is delevered the news, we find her in a stall of the ATV television station women's restroom, masturbating with no restraint. At first she's annoyed at being interuppted, but as soon as she hears the good news, she immidiately strips off her clothes and tosses them over the stall door, into the shocked hands of the messenger. Then out she bolts, all the way down the hall and through the offices, running seemingly faster than a jet plane, and all while wearing only her underwear. But hey, she has to get ready! No time to waste!

Weather Report GirlAs Keiko is about to go live on the air, Michiko waits anxiously with her little portable television to see how it's going to play out. She's shocked when the person whom she spies on the air looks nothing like the brains-over-beauty picture in Keiko's file, but she's even more dumbfounded when, at the end of the report, Keiko purposfully lifts her skirt to give every wide-eyed viewer a nice solid view at her panties! Of course, it's hard to say who was more surprised, Michiko or all the viewers. One things for sure, the executives at the station sure aren't happy! Too bad the chairmain liked it, as he just bumped up Keiko's to take over Michiko's position permanently!

Weather Report GirlKeiko's plan works like a charm! The ratings skyrocket, and Keiko not only becomes the new weather report girl, but the star of the once failing TV station, leaving Michiko completely devastated! Ah, but Michiko isn't going to take this lying down... she has a plan to force Keiko off the air. I won't tell you what the plan is, just that it backfires, causing poor Yamagishi more than a bit of discomfort, and a lot of embarassment. Who is Yamagishi? He's a guy who just got hired on to help out, but his relationship with Keiko actually go back to high school. I shouldn't say anymore than that... best you just watch for yourself.

Weather Report GirlSo after Keiko gets revenge on Michiko, she forces Michiko to become what she calls her personal "assistant", though the term slave or servant would be more appropritate. It's either that or get fired, and Michiko can't afford to start her career all over again. Thus, she contacts Samejima, a reporter she met at the wedding, for some help with her situation. This reporter has made some associates... the kind of associates that will do bad things to someone for the right price. Too bad Keiko is a martial arts expert! She escapes unscathed, though her clothes had seen better days. Oh yeah, and after all this, we're still not even to the second episode yet!

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