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Anime Profile: Witch Hunter Robin

USA Info
Japanese Info
Witch Hunter Robin Witch Hunter Robin(ウィッチハンターロビン) Witch Hunter Robin
26 TV episodes 26 TV episodes
2003 2002
Bandai Ent./Bang Zoom! Ent. Bandai Visual/Sunrise
  Hajime Yatate, Shuko Murase
  Shuko Murase
Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Action Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Action
Amon Amon
· · ·
Haruto Sakaki Haruto Sakaki
· · ·
Michael Lee Michael Lee
· · ·
Miho Karasuma Miho Karasuma
· · ·
Robin Sena Robin Sena
· · ·
Takuma Zaizen Takuma Zaizen
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Witch Hunter Robin

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Amon Amon Takuma Zaizen Takuma Zaizen
Haruto Sakaki Haruto Sakaki Yurika Dojima Yurika Dojima
Michael Lee Michael Lee Chief Shintaro Kosaka Chief Shintaro Kosaka
Miho Karasuma Miho Karasuma Shohei Hattori Shohei Hattori
Robin Sena Robin Sena    

Anime Description: Witch Hunter Robin

"Three hundred and twenty years have passed since the coven sank in the dark." Witches...to this day they roam the world, though none may know it, not even those whose blood still carries the potential. Most of those with the "Witch Gene" are latent, but every so often, there is one who awakens to his or her powers.

When that happens, an organization called Solomon (more commonly known by the letters STN, which stand for "Solomon Toukatsu Nin'idantai"- roughly translated to "Solomon Control Center") steps in to bring the powers of this witch back under control before the population is threatened.

Witch Hunter Robin is the story of Solomon's Japanese bureau, STN-J. They carry the front line of the fight against witches as changes in Japanese society has caused an alarming rise in the number of witch awakenings, and the recent loss of one of their number has them shaken. Into the STN-J enters a new Witch Hunter named Robin Sena. Robin is a witch herself, a Craft-User gifted with the well-honed ability to create fire.

With witches awakening in ever-increasing numbers, STN-J will need to rely on every member and every advantage it can exploit to prevent the witches from growing beyond their control.

Anime Description: Witch Hunter Robin

Robin is a girl who was born in Japan and raised in Italy. Six moths ago, the STN-J lost one of their workers. That's when Robin came in. She was summoned to the STN-J to help out with Witch hunting. She is also a craft user, so no one really trusts her. She can minipulate and create fire, but her vision blurs everytime she uses her powers, so she has to wear glasses to compensate. Now Sakaki, Miho, Amon, Dojima, and Robin must work as a team to help get rid of Witches.

Audio Files: Witch Hunter Robin

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