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Michael LeeMichael LeeMichael Lee (Witch Hunter Robin)
16 years old16 years old
Computer Expert for the STN-JComputer Expert for the STN-J
"Yes, boss!"
Dave WittenbergHiro Yuuki
Witch Hunter RobinWitch Hunter Robin

Character Description: Michael Lee

Michael Lee had once been a rather adventurous teenager who killed time hacking into computer systems. He wasn't a "bad" hacker, though. He didn't hack to damage systems; he did it simply for the challenge of penetrating the defenses and seeing what he could find.

But one day when he was 14 years old, he hacked into one system he shouldn't have: the STN. Unlike other systems, the STN employed a unique defense mechanism: it prevented him from logging out. While Michael struggled to disconnect, forces from the STN-J surrounded him. Administrator Zaizen then approached Michael with a pretty stark offer: become part of the STN-J or die.

Michael is still a captive of the STN-J. He is forced to remain within the confines of the STN-J building in Raven's Flat at all times. In return for this mercy, Michael is in charge of the STN-J's computer systems. In addition to overseeing security (ensuring that further intrusions to the STN-J are stopped), Michael also handles electronic information gathering and passes information along to the Hunters via the "non-linear filter" (a specialized projector designed to project directly into the eye) built into each Hunter's cell phone.

Character Description: Michael Lee

Michael is an extremely talented hacker. Before becoming part of the STNJ, he amused himself by hacking into various computer systems. It turned out that this little game of his would turn out to be his greatest mistake. Michael tried to hack into the STN's system... and he couldn't get out. Solomon tracked him down, thinking he was a witch trying to break into their files, and he was taken to the STNJ. The STNJ found out later, though, that he was nothing but a skinny hacker boy, and brought him before Zaizen. Impressed with Michael's hacking skills, he gave him the choice of either being the STNJ's little computer-monkey or death. Tough choice. Of course, Michael wanted to live. The poor little guy can't leave the room where he's kept without special permission! Lucky for him, Robin brings him doughnuts.

Michael doesn't do much, but he has a significant role in the series. Without his superior computer skills, Amon and the others would be nearly clueless when it comes to witchs' background info. He also fixed up the STNJ's security systems. He often likes to brag about how "no one" could ever hack into the new-and-improved STNJ system.

One rule about Michael: DON'T BOTHER HIM WHEN HE'S HACKING!!! It really angers him. This might be why he drowns out the STNJ members' voices with loud music, but I'm not sure. Other than the music and geekiness (no offense to all you Michael fans), only his eating habits set him apart from the rest of the hunters. This guy LIVES for junk food. He always has an open bag of chips or couple doughnuts laying about his desk. Such a strange little person...

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