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Cher DegreCher Degre (Wolf's Rain)
Late 20's to early 30'sLate 20's to early 30's
Research Scientist, Hubb's ex-wifeResearch Scientist, Hubb's ex-wife
"I have to find Cheza"
Kari WahlgreenKaho Kouda
Wolf's RainWolf's Rain

Character Description: Cher Degre

Cher is a research scientist at a noble's lab inside of one of the many domed cities scattered across the world. She is determined, if not a little stubborn, and can pound shots just like the best of them.

Cher is the ex-wife of Hubb Lebowski (they divorced one year ago). She had worked in the research lab for the noble without much passion in the job until the noble acquired a prize (Cheza) he stole from Darcia, another noble. It was soon after this that Cher became so obsessed about finding everything about Cheza, to the point of becoming so distant that she just drifted away mentally from Hubb.

Cher has a slender build, usually wears a coat along with whatever else she might be wearing, requires glasses for reading and working, and likes to keep her hair up in a bun, giving her somewhat of a young librarian look.

She becomes very invested in what she does and cares about. When Cheza is snatched away from the noble she works for, she eagerly joins the recovery crew to track her down. Once she notices the wolves with Cheza, she tries to find out about them in order to understand Cheza better. She usually tries to keep her ladylike appearance up but when she is frustrated she will set it aside and go to a bar to drink enough hard mix drinks to kill a man twice her size. As the story progresses, she continues to hunt down Cheza and truly understand her, even if it means going out on her own and risking her life.

Side notes: Cher is the one responsible for introducing the theory that there might still be wolves in the world to her ex-husband, Hubb. She has read and has a copy of the forbidden book, "The book of the Moon", which she gave to Hubb. She drinks mix drinks at bars but prefers to have them very strong for some reason. She seems to always have her appearances about her, like she is not going to allow herself to be seen unkempt or disheveled if she can help it. When she focuses on things, she tends to ignore everything else, which might explain why she became so distant from Hubb right before their divorce.

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