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Character Profile: Lady Jagara

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lady Jagara Lady Jagara Lady Jagara (Wolf's Rain)
Human Human
Female Female
About 25-28 years old About 25-28 years old
Light greenish blonde Light greenish blonde
Violet purple Violet purple
5'10" 178 cm
125 lbs 56.7 kg
Queen of the world Queen of the world
"Now you belong to me, forever..."  
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Atsuko Tanaka
Wolf's Rain Wolf's Rain

Character Description: Lady Jagara

Jagara is the Noble who began to raise to power as the sole ruler of the world. She wore gold and black armor with capes front and back of it. She also wore a golden, white, and purple mask that has long purple hair draping from it, that covers her eyes and nose. When Jagara reveals her self, she has beautiful, long, wavy, light, greenish blonde hair, and a beautiful face, with violet purple eyes.

Long ago, Jagara fell in love with Darcia, but Darcia fell in love with Harmona, thus making Jagara jealous of her young twin sister. Her obsession with Darcia and the bitter envy for sister may have been the reason why Jagara cut of Harmona's life support. After the overthrowing of all Nobles, Jagara began to gather all "ideal" people into her utopian society while sending her soldiers to hunt down the wolves.

She wanted Cheza so she can complete the man-made Paradise that she created for herself and Darcia. Darcia tells her that she can't not go to paradise because she's not worthy. Jagara, enrages of Darcia's coldness toward her, starts a sword fight with him. Darcia is then stabbed with a poisoned dagger that Jagara had. When he starts to pass out, Jagara starts to do an imitation of Harmona to vex him.

After that happens, Kiba comes in where Jagara is, along with Tsume, Toboe, and Hige. Only Kiba and Hige start to fight with Jagara, after fighting for some time, Hige gets injured by Jagara's sword, and Kiba injures Jagara on the neck and cheek, making her bleed. Jagara is then in a daze, and she turns around to see Darcia smiling at her. She thinks he has finally fallen for her, but she assumed too soon... Darcia stabs her through the heart, thus killing her. Once Jagara died, everything she built began to fall to pieces.

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