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Anime Profile: Wolverine

USA Info
Japanese Info
Wolverine Uruvarin(ウルヴァリン) Wolverine
12 TV episodes 12 TV episodes
July 29, 2011 January 7, 2011–March 25, 2011
Sony Home Entertainment Marvel Entertainment, Madhouse Studios, Superhero Anime Partners
  Herb Trimpe, Lee Wein, John Romita, Sr.(creators of 'Wolverine' character), Kengo Kaji(梶 研吾)(writer)
  Hiroshi Aoyama(青山 ひろし)
Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Wolverine Uruvarin
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Agent Machita Agent Machita
· · ·
Agent Takata Agent Takata
· · ·
Agent Tsukino Agent Tsukino
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Anime Characters: Wolverine

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Wolverine Uruvarin Mariko Yashada Mariko Yashada
Agent Machita Agent Machita Min Min
Agent Takata Agent Takata Omega Red --?--
Agent Tsukino Agent Tsukino Shingen Yashada Shingen Yashada
Cyclops --?-- Tesshin Asano Tesshin Asano
Hideki Kurohage Hideki Kurohage Vadhaka --?--
Kikyo Mikage Kikyo Mikage Yukio Yukio
Koh Koh    

Anime Description: Wolverine

In another adaptation of a Marvel Comics series by Japan's Madhouse Studios, loner mutant Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, has after a year found-out the location of his girlfriend Mariko Yashada – and her circumstances are not good! It seems that Mariko has been bound-over for marriage by her yakuza father to another crimelord – Hideki Kurohage, who also happens to be a chief customer of the nefarious A.I.M. organization! In a chase that takes him, along with a mysterious woman named Yukio, from Japan to the corrupt island city of Madripoor, where he has to put his savage fighting skills, mutant senses and adamantium-plated claws to the ultimate fighting test, Wolverine must find some way to save Mariko from a fate worse than death!

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