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Character Profile: High Priest Aknadin

USA Info
Japanese Info
High Priest Aknadin High Priest Akhenaden High Priest Aknadin (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Sacred guardian Priest of Atem
· · ·
Shadow Magus Dark Priest
Human Human
Male Male
Around 40 years old Around 40 years old
Gray Gray
Blue Blue
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: High Priest Aknadin

Akenaden was the high priest of Atem and the older brother of Aknamkemon, who gave up his title as successor of the throne for Egypt's well-being. He was responsible for killing 99 people to create the Millennium Items, and thus indirectly created Zork. He became the first holder of the Millennium Eye and leader of the Pharaoh's bodyguards. Years later, Akenaden was attacked by the only surviving member of the slaughter, Bakura. Because of Bakura, the darkness within Akenaden, the pent-up malice toward his brother Aknamkemon for living under his shadow while his own nephew assumed the 'birth-right' of himself and his son, surfaced. He began his own plan by intending to release the monster within Kisara, so Seto could possess the power of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and become pharaoh.

Akenaden later managed to begin the chain of events that would being Zork into the human world. As a reward for his loyalty to the evil entity, he was transformed into the Shadow Magus, who took Seto and attempted to force him to kill Kisara and inherit the power she holds. But his son, reluctant to commit the act, forced Akenaden to kill Kisara himself, only to be killed by an enraged Seto. But Akenaden's soul enters Seto's body to control him during his duel with Atem. But Akenaden was destroyed by Kisara as the Blue Eyes White Dragon.

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