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Character Profile: Legendary Dragon Timaeus

USA Info
Japanese Info
Legendary Dragon TimaeusLegendary Dragon TimaeusLegendary Dragon Timaeus (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Timaeus The Legendary DragonTimaeus The Legendary Dragon
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The Eye Of Timaeus
Dragon Duel MonsterDragon Duel Monster
Over 10,000 years oldOver 10,000 years old
Dark BlueDark Blue
Legendary DragonLegendary Dragon
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Legendary Dragon Timaeus

Timaeus is one the of 3 Legendary Dragons who appear in the Doom Saga. Timaeus appeared the battle against Dartz and the Orichalcos Soldiers 10,000 years to help Chris and Ironheart, but sadly he wasn't strong enough alone to take on Dartz's Great Leviathan and was eventually stabbed in the left eye by Dartz's Sword of Kings which caused him to fall to the ground. Dartz orders The Great Leviathan to finish of Timaeus but Timaeus manages to summon enough attack power that matches the same strength of the Great Leviathan's attack power. When they both attacked each other they caused a HUGE explosion... not much is known about what happens after that.

Later, the 3 Legendary Dragons are all frozen in crystal after they vanquished The Great Leviathan and could only be freed by three chosen warriors. Timaeus was the first Legendary Dragon to be freed by Yugi and Atem in the Monster World and later helped Yugi to vanquish the weakened Great Leviathan eye that appear one night in Domino City.

Atem lost Timaeus's trust when he tried to combine him and the Orichalcos Seal together in the first duel against Raphael and remained un-loyal to Atem for a short time, but when Atem was in a losing battle against one of Dartz's Orichchalcos Soldier's he prayed to Timaeus and said he was truly sorry for misusing him and said so many people are counting on both them to save the world from destruction.

Timaeus decided to give Atem a second chance and helped him to defeat Dartz's Orichalcos Soldier. Timaeus later changes into his true from, Timaeus Knight, along with Critias and Hermos who also change into knights due to the Legend of Heart magic card which appears in Atem battle against Dartz. Timaeus remains in his true form as a knight for the rest of the Doom Saga.

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