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Character Profile: High-Priest Mahado

USA Info
Japanese Info
High-Priest MahadoHigh-Priest MahadoHigh-Priest Mahado (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
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High-Priest MahadHigh-Priest Mahad
Dark MagicianBlack Magician
19-23 years old25 years old
Pharaoh Atem's High-PriestPharaoh Atem's High-Priest
"Pharaoh, I will always be your loyal servant.""Pharaoh, I will always be your loyal servant."
Michael SinterniklaasKojima Kazunari
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: High-Priest Mahado

Mahado was one of the Six Priests of Pharaoh Atem. He was the original owner of the Millennium Ring, and the most powerful Spell-Caster in Ancient Egypt. When the Tomb Bandit Bakura stole the former Pharaoh Akunumkanon from his tomb, he tells Mahado that he is the true owner of the Ring. Mahado says he would never let Bakura touch his Ring. Later on, Mahado goes to check all the damage that Bakura did to a village. He meets a small boy who lost his home. Mahado, hearing this, is determined that he won't let Bakura ever hurt anyone again. The Millennium Ring starts glowing and points to Bakura's current position.

Mahado returns to the palace to return Akunumkanon's body to its rightful place in his tomb. Mana, his student (and the future Dark Magician Girl, wanted to go with him, but she is told not to. Mahado exits the Palace and sees Priestess Isis. She has seen with the Millennium Necklace what will happen. Mahado understands this without her telling him, and asks her to protect the Pharaoh. Then he turns around and leaves.

Mahado places Akunumkanon's body in its tomb, and starts waiting for Bakura, concentrating all his power in preparation. Bakura summons Diabound, while Mahado also summons his the Dark Magician. Mahado accidentally makes a wrong step and activates one of the tombs traps, swinging blades. They don't hurt Mahado but distract him long enough for Diabound to attack Mahado. Mahado gets deeply wounded. He knows that there's only one way left to defeat Bakura, so he sacrifices himself and lets his soul and Ka combine. The last words that escape his lips are "Pharaoh, I will always be your loyal servant." Bakura, thinking that Mahado is dead, commands Diabound to attack Mahado's spirit. But the attack retaliates back at Bakura, and he is sent to the Shadow Realm (though he obtained the Millennium Ring and the evil in it). The next day, Mahado's assistants show Atem something they found in Akunumkanon tomb... a Tablet of Mahado as the Black Magician. Mahado's vow was to always protect the Pharaoh, thus why the Dark Magician is always there for Yugi.

The Dark Magician is Yugi's favorite card. It has 2500 attack points and 2100 defense points. When summoned to the field, the Dark Magician is very quick, agile, and deadly in battle. Through the Aging Power of Time Wizard, Dark Magician can "age" into the Dark Sage, the ultimate spell-caster. He can also be fused with certain monsters for more power.

Yugi wasn't the only character on the show to wield a Dark Magician in his deck, though. Arcana, a rare hunter working for Marik also had a Dark Magician in his deck. Both Yugi and Arcana dueled using their Magicians, but in the end Yugi's Dark Magician Girl got a tremendous boost from the other Magicians in the graveyard and Yugi won the duel.

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