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Mai ValentineMai KujakuMai Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Madame Butterfly
24 years (born November 20)24 years (born November 20)
5'8"172 cm
114.6 lbs52 kg
Type OType O
"Dork, of course we're friends."
Megan Hollingshead, Bella HudsonTerada Haruhi
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Mai Valentine

When we first encounter Mai Valentine, she's a conceited, laugh-your-head-off duelist who's out for number one: herself. She's endlessly bragging and always trash talking, and she sometimes employs mind games to psych her opponent's out. She enters the Duelist Kingdom tournament strictly for the money at first, but the course of events there will drastically change her outlook.

It all starts when she duels Joey. She thinks the novice will be a cakewalk, but with a little coaching from Yugi, Joey actually manages to beat her. This doesn't sit well with Mai, and she manages to convince Rex Raptor to challenge him next on the provision that once he'd won, he'd get to face Mai next. But amazingly, Joey manages to show his own skills and beat Rex all by himself.

The change in Mai's attitude starts when she loses her Starchips to Panik [Player Killer]: one of Pegasus's Eliminators. When Yugi risks his life to defeat Panik and win back the Starchips, she's at a loss to reply. She eventually leaves them, but not before leaving a terse note: "I owe you eight Starchips."

Mai takes the time out to get her affairs in order. She's beginning to realize just how serious dueling can be, and she begins to come to Yugi's aid. She was reluctant at first to chip in to help after Yugi lost to Kaiba, but after Téa went so far as to challenge Mai to a duel herself, she relents. Although Mai had the card Harpy's Feather Duster which would have made Tea lose the match, she didn't use it. Mai gives Yugi five Starchips to make up for the ones he lost to Kaiba so he could enter the semifinals. But then, Yugi learns he has to duel Mai...a much different Mai than before.

This Mai had hardened into a truly serious duelist. The trash talk was still there, but underneath it all is a true desire to see just what Yugi is made of. It's that serious Mai that convinces Yugi to make amends with Yami, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, and once again work together to bring Mai a shocking defeat. But she takes the loss in stride. She realizes that she still has a ways to go. But before she leaves, she does one more favor: giving Joey her entry card so he could face Bandit Keith (who had stolen Joey's card). Joey asked if they were friends now, but she only answered to herself, "Dork, of course we're friends."

Outside dueling, Mai has indeed become friends with Yugi and the gang. Later on she helps them rescue Kaiba from the virtual game trap, although she does it as the mysterious Madame Butterfly, while wearing a mask. Joey was able to see through the disguise because of Mai's strategy. She makes people believe she is psychic by putting scented perfume on her cards, so that she knows what they are without looking at them.

More than anything she's itching to see just how good she can be, hoping for another serious test so she can see just how she stacks up.

Character Description: Mai Valentine

Mai is as pretty as she is dangerous... and that's pretty dangerous! She's one of the top duelists in the world, and fights for the riches that awaits only the best. Posh and frequently self absorbed, Mai is not above using her charm to advance her situation. Though she plays for superficial reasons, Mai may yet learn from Yugi's mistake.

Mai's deck is mainly centered around her favorite card, Harpie Lady. There are monsters, magic cards, and trap cards which support this. She also sprays different perfumes on her card so she can fool opponents into thinking that she has psychic powers, when in fact, she is reading which card is which through the scents.

Character Description: Mai Valentine

Mai is a duelist with a mouth full of trash talk and attitude to match. She had no friends as a girl, due to her moving around all the time, and her parents were too busy to raise her. She experienced Duel Monsters at her job at a casino, and she was always able to win, because she psyched out her opponents. Mai would spray scented perfumes on her cards, and from the scent, she'd know what card she'd have without looking at it, fooling others to believe she had psychic powers.

Mai went to the Duelist Kingdom and lost to Joey, because he was coached by Yugi. Angry, she convinces Rex Raptor to duel Joey, and if Rex won, he could duel her. However, Rex loses and Joey gets his Red Eyes Black Dragon.

Yugi and his gang are looking for food when Mai appears again, she offers them food and a place to sleep if they'll cook. They accept, and Tea manages to learn a bit about Mai and her history.

Mai had eight Starchips, but she is confronted by Panik, one of Pegasus' eliminators. She loses, but Yugi beats Panik and gives the Starchips back. She accepts, but mentions that she owes him.

We don't hear from Mai again until Yugi loses to Kaiba. Mai then shows up, offering to return the Starchips that he gave to her. However, Yugi is frightened by the powers of Yami Yugi and can't accept. Mai challenges him to duel for them, but it is Tea who accepts. Tea has a hard time fighting Mai, but Mai isn't playing her hardest either. She concedes the match after Tea's Shining Friendship defeats Mai's Harpy Lady.

Later, Mai convinces Yugi to work with Yami Yugi to defeat her. After Mai loses, she takes the loss in stride, giving her entry card to Joey, because Bandit Keith stole his.

Later, when Yugi and his team are trying to rescue Kaiba from the supercomputer, Mai appears again. She goes by the name of Madame Butterfly and wears a mask. However, her opponent (Joey, who is also in disguise) recognizes her through her battle strategy. She also recognizes Joey by his strategy. She teams up with them to rescue Kaiba.

Later on, she's a duelist in the next tournament. She makes it all the way to final 8, but loses to Yami Marik when she steals his Winged Dragon of Ra, but can't control it when she summons it.

Character Description: Mai Valentine

When Mai lost to Marik, he stole her soul and took her to the Shadow Realm. She stayed there throughout the rest of the tournament on Kaiba Corp Island, while Joey desperately tried to fight Marik to win back her soul. Eventually, due to Yugi's victory over Marik, her soul was returned... although at the time Joey wasn't aware of this. So when he went to see if Mai had woken up from her 'coma', she and Joey's sister, Serenity, pretended that she was still in a deep coma. Joey broke down, crying that he would do anything to have her back, only to find that she was laughing at him while he shook her shoulders.

Although she mostly shows her tough side with her twisted, mocking sense of humor, just before she left at the end of series 2 she showed her soft side and her inner feelings for Joey that we all knew (or hoped) that she had.

Character Description: Mai Valentine

After Mai left when Battle City was over, she began dueling in many tournaments. Though she won, no one talked about her. One day, after she stood victorious from a duel tournament, and after receiving her glass prize on the way out, she overheard her opponent talking to two other people about the winner of the Battle City finals, Yugi and the top 4th player, Jounouchi. When she heard that, she felt that she wasn't victorious, since she lost to Yami Malik. She was so upset that she threw her prize to the ground, shattering it, and running out the door. The people talking were shocked that she was there, and destroyed her own trophy.

That night, she had a nightmare, with Yami Malik sealing her into darkness. One wet and rainy day, Varon appeared and challenged her to duel. In the end, Mai lost. At that point, she felt completely unsafe and afraid. In her mind, she was calling Jounouchi for help. Varon understood her. He offered his help to give Mai what she really wanted. Mai desired greater power, so she followed Varon. He led her to Dartz, where he gave her more power, with the geometric star power (Orichalos). Instantly, Mai's heart became dark.

One night, Pegasus was working late at his office in San Francisco, California. He heard a woman's voice making threats to him. He analyzed the voice, and realized it was Kujaku Mai. Mai ordered to duel him, and in the end, Pegasus lost. During the duel, Mai had activated the star card (Orichalos No Kekai), so once Pegasus lost the duel, he also lost his soul!

When the gang arrived in San Francisco, they went to Industrial Illusion store to talk to him (they didn't know that Pegasus was "dead"). Mai then appeared, speeding from the top of the second floor, on a motorcycle, to the ground. Jounouchi went to greet her, but she looked angry. Mai then forced Jounouchi to duel with him, and that's when the gang found about what happened to Mai, and to Pegasus. She then activated the geometric star card, making Yami Yugi realize the new evil that was at hand. Mai then looked diabolical.

Mai Valentine After Jounouchi tricked her on one turn, causing her to have a seizure, Varon then used his jade ring, and destroyed the geometric star on the ground. He then took her back to headquarters, where she would recover. Mai later learned that Varon had stopped the duel, and she was furious!

After Dartz created rock phantoms all around the world, and after Varon lost his soul to Jounouchi, Mai then dueled Jounouchi who was very weak from the previous duel. During THIS duel, Mai's darkness began to fade, and right before Jounouchi lost his soul (since he lost), Jounouchi said that he was glad that her soul was safe. Then he pushed Mai out of the star, where his soul was taken, and Mai screamed in despair. Instantly, the geometric star on her head shattered, since her memory came back of Jounouchi helping her in the duel with Yami Malik. She then cradled Jounouchi in her arms, sobbing for his lost. She understand that she got nothing, even though she won. She then took his Helmos card, and ran to Dartz to save Varon and Jounouchi. However, Raphael stopped her, and dueled her, causing her to loose the duel, and her soul.

After Yugi's saved Dartz and the world from destruction, and stopping the lethal power of Orichalos, Mai was then dropped of at a house on a beach (supposedly in Spain), with Varon. She took off to take the long road to become a "true duelist."

The second to last time we see Mai is after Yami Yugi claimed his victory in KC Cup Tournament, smiling at Yugi for his victory.

Finally, when Atem was about to leave the world forever, Mai looked up at the sky, thinking of Yami Yugi.

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