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Noah KaibaNoa KaibaNoah Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!)Noah Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
About 12 years at death (plus 6 years in a computer) (born October 7)About 10 years at death (plus 6 years in a computer) (born October 7)
J.T. Ross (Jonathan Todd Ross)Chisa Yokoyama
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Noah Kaiba

Noah is Gozaburo's biological son and heir to Kaiba Corporation. The only problem is that he was mortally injured at the age of ten when he had a run-in with a truck. To save his son, Gozaburo transferred Noah's consciousness into a super computer, but he eventually turned his attention to his step-son Seto. During that time, Noah lost a sense of reality, becoming more spoiled and mad at what fate dealt him.

Six years later, when Seto took over Kaiba Corp, Gozaburo decided to use Noah in his revenge scheme. Using the Kaiba Corp Big-Five, who ended up victims in their plan to trap Seto and Mokuba consciences in a virtual game, Noah uses them in his father's plan to presumably take over Kaiba Corp.

But after he deleted the Big-Five after failing him too many times, Noah decided to handle Seto personally to get a body to leave his digital domain and run Kaiba Corp., using a brain-washed Mokuba to mess with Seto's head. But that backfired, so Noah turned the brothers into stone. This made Yami mad as he takes over for Seto and defeats Noah. Noah tried to take over Yugi's body, but Yami's presence forbid it.

But when Gozaburo revealed himself, Noah decided to use the crisis as a chance to use Mokuba's body and destroy the super-computer. But the fact Mokuba was kind to him and called him his brother, despite everything he did, made Noah realize what he was doing was wrong, and he decided to set things right.

He was unable to cancel the Missile (thanks to Yami Marik destroying the main computer), so he had logged everyone out of his system manually, except Gozaburo. After removing his mind from Mokuba's body, Noah stayed to keep his father from leaving as the super-computer is destroyed. It's unknown if Noah truly died in the explosion. Only time will tell.

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