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Character Profile: Obelisk the Tormenter

USA Info
Japanese Info
Obelisk the TormenterObelisk no Kyo-shin-hen ("Giant God Soldier of Obelisk")Obelisk the Tormenter (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Lord of Destruction (by Seto Kaiba)
Divine-Beast Duel MonsterDivine-Beast Duel Monster
5000+ years3000+ years
Egyptian GodEgyptian God
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Obelisk the Tormenter

Obelisk is one of the three Egyptian God cards. He is the god of Light and Darkness. Maximillion Pegasus created this card, based on a lithograph, unaware of its power. Very soon after creating this powerful card, he experienced the God cards' power (Obelisk, Slifer and Ra) first hand. After that, he entrusted Ishizu Ishtar with the dangerous cards, but she only managed to keep Oblisk away from Marik's Rare Hunters, as Marik intended to use the cards to rule the world.

Ishizu invited Seto Kaiba to Domino Museum, where she was holding an exhibit. Ishizu told Seto about his past-life (Priest Seto) and the Rare Hunters, giving Obelisk to Kaiba to hold for a while. Seto did not intend to give Obelisk back to her, but Ishizu knew otherwise. Seto used Obelisk in the Battle City Tournament, first when he and Yugi were dueling Lumis and Umbra, Obelisk easily wiped out Umbra's life points.

Then in the Battle City Finals, Ishizu predicted that Seto would die when he would use it against her (putting a self-destruct trap in Obelisk as her vision told her). Seto almost did use Obelisk, but the Millennium Rod (on it's own will) influenced Seto to use Blue-Eyes White Dragon instead, winning the duel. When Seto dueled Yugi, they both used their god cards. But Obelisk and Silfer were equal in power and destroyed each other. In the end, Yugi won and gained Obelisk from Seto, as Ishizu foretold. After the Battle City finals, Obelisk and the other God Cards were stolen and ended up in the possession of Dartz, leader of the DOOM organization. After Yami got Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba back from DOOM organization, Yugi managed to get the cards back.

Character Description: Obelisk the Tormenter

Obelisk is one of the three Egyptian God cards that were originally sealed off in stone tablets. Amazed at the site of these beasts, Pegasus recreated Obelisk, as well as Silfer and Ra, into Duel Monster cards. It wasn't long until he realized he didn't have the necessary power or bloodline (even with his Millennium Eye) to control these three beasts and had them sealed away.

However, as the Rare Hunters, led by Marik, began plundering the God's resting place, Obelisk was placed under the safe keeping of Ishizu, Marik's sister. Soon, Ishizu handed Obelisk to Kaiba. Although Ishizu foresaw the return of Obelisk to her with her Millennium Necklace, Kaiba had other plans. Kaiba announced the start of a new duel monsters tournament (Battle City), in which he hoped to gain the rest of the gods as well as to defeat Yugi with the Gods at hand.

Before the tournament, Obelisk's powers were put to a test by defeating the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, a monster that Yugi almost defeated at Duelist Kingdom, giving Kaiba a sense of superiority and power. During Battle City (before the finals), Kaiba put Obelisk through three small tests, one by defeating a low-rate duelist who was picking on a weaker duelist (even when he let the duelist burrow cards from his briefcase he considered "powerful", Kaiba still overpowered him easily with Obelisk). The next two times he used Obelisk is when he and Yugi dueled Lumis and Umbra (the first time they dueled the pair they weren't wearing their masks). The second time Kaiba and Yugi focused on belittling their teamwork abilities, hindering them enough to make simple dueling flaws, allowing Kaiba to summon Obelisk.

During his duel with Ishizu, Kaiba nearly fell victim to her trap "Blast Held By a Tribute", which would have forced Obelisk to self-destruct, and Kaiba would have lost, but with the will of the Millennium Rod (of it's own accord), Kaiba realized Obelisk wasn't the right choice and won the duel with Blue-Eyes instead.

During his match with Yugi, Kaiba was the first to successfully summon his god Obelisk, but Yugi managed to hold a good enough defense until he was able to summon Silfer. At this point each duelist nearly defeated the other's god, many instances Obelisks' powers grew greater than Silfer's. In the end, Yugi used his Necromancy card to weaken Obelisk and both gods destroyed each other. When the duel ended, Yugi's Dark Paladin (a fusion between Buster Blader and Dark Magician) defeated Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Kaiba was forced to hand over Obelisk.

During Yugi's duel with Marik, neither Silfer nor Obelisk could handle Ra, forcing Yugi to counter by using all the monsters in his deck, including Silfer and Obelisk, to defeat Ra and win the duel. Once he obtained Ra, he had become the strongest duelist in the game.

During the Orichalcous Arc (the DOOM Arc I think it's called in the Japanese version), the God Cards were stolen by Dartz's gang, consisting of Raphael, Valon, Alister and Grimo (I think that's the guy's name). When Yugi and friends went to get them back, Grimo challenged Yugi to a duel. Initially he uses a combination of Obelisk the Tormentor and the Seal of Orichalcous, but Obelisk fell against the "Brave Attack Magic/Spell card and the 3 Magnet Warriors. Obelisk and the other gods fall into Dartz's possession until The Leviathan rose up. The three gods rose as well and defeated Dartz's ultimate beast.

Obelisk makes other appearances, as in the "Ancient Egyptian Arc". Most notable is probably the fusion between Obelisk, Silfer and Ra, as well as Yugi defeating Obelisk while dueling Atem.

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