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Character Profile: Odion Ishtar

USA Info
Japanese Info
Odion Ishtar Rishid Ishtar Odion Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
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Odeon Ishtar(alternate spelling)  
Marik(during the Battle City Finals) Mariku(during the Battle City Finals)
Human Human
Male Male
28 years old 26 years old
Black ponytail Black ponytail
Green Green
About 6'0"-6'2" About 183 cm-188 cm
Marik's servant and adopted brother Marik's servant and adopted brother
"Yes Master Marik"  
Michael Alston Baley(adult Odion), Ted Lewis(child Odion) Konta
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Odion Ishtar

One day, Marik convinced Ishizu to sneak out of the tomb and into Cairo. Odion said he would cover for them. When they returned, they saw Mr. Ishthar about to kill Odion. The darkness in Marik grew again, and Yami Marik was born. He used the Millennium Rod to kill his father. He was about to do the same to Odion, but the real Marik regained control, unaware of what happened. A man appeared (Shadi) and said it was the "Will of the Pharaoh". Enraged and thinking the Pharaoh was responsible for his father's demise, Marik swore revenge on the Pharaoh.

Odion, who knew what really happened, willingly followed Marik both out of his vow and to keep Yami Marik at bay. At the start of Battle City semi-finals, he made the gang think he was Marik, until the end of the duel between him and Joey, when Odion reluctantly used the Winged Dragon of Ra, but was unable to control it and paid for it by entering a coma. As a result, Yami Marik resumed total control and had his way for a while.

During the Battle City finals, Marik's soul appears to Odion and begged for his forgiveness as he gave his good-byes. The words were enough to get Odion out of his coma and he heads to the Kaiba Corp. island tower, where he gives Marik the confidence to subdue his evil half and allow Yami to win. Odion left with Marik and Ishizu to start a new life, as their family had fulfilled their oath to the Pharaoh...

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