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RaphaelRafaruRaphael (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Early 20sEarly 20s
DOOM DuelistDOOM Duelist
Marc ThompsonYoshihisa Kawahara
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Raphael

Years ago, when Raphael was a kid, he was taking a cruise with his youngest brother and his youngest sister, since it was Raphael's birthday. Suddenly, a storm wrecked the ship and Raphael's siblings were killed. Raphael found himself on a deserted island, and Dartz came to him, and told him it was his destiny to join the DOOM group (turns out that Dartz created the "typhoon" which killed the siblings, and the rest of the family). After the wreck, Raphael was left all alone on an island. However, he had three duel monster cards, one of which was most loyal to him. That was Guardian Airtos. Guardian Airtos has protected him ever since. From then, he treasured those cards.

He first dueled Yami no Yuugi, and Raphael gave him the "DEADLY" star card when they had to exchange some cards. Shockingly, Yami Yuugi then uses the star card in order to eliminate Raphael. Yuugi warns him that they could loose their soul, but Yami doesn't listen, and plays the star card. Yami's mind then becomes dark. In end, Raphael defeats Yami. Yami is about to loose his soul, but Yuugi makes himself the sacrifice. Yuugi then tells Yami that he still believes in him. After the "kidnapping," Yami fell to the ground unconscious. Then Raphael brought Yami to his friends, where Yami awoke and realized what he done was wrong.

After Jounouchi lost his soul, Mai went to see Dartz, but instead, she found Raphael. She told him that she's had enough of Orichalos, and she wanted to rebel, and duel Dartz herself. Well, Raphael got so disgusted with her that he dueled her, and he sealed her soul!

Then, Raphael and Yami duel again. This time, Raphael uses the star card (in the 1st duel, it seemed that he wouldn't let hatred cloud his mind, but it did). Yami tried to stop him, but Raphael said that it was his destiny to seal souls. During the duel, Yami used a magic card, Wheel of Hell. Both he and Raphael ended up in a cemetery, with the memory of young Raphael running through the dark fog. They both follow, and find Dartz, and young Raphael. Dartz was telling him (this is a memory) that he couldn't run anywhere. If he chose running, Dartz said, he'd be right back in front of him, confused of his Fate, since his family was killed. Dartz told him to see his fate, he had to "use his hands." Raphael then dug a hole to see his "fate." Shockingly, he found two skulls, one was his brothers', the other was his sisters'. At that moment, Guardian Airtos appeared in front of him and took the skulls. Dartz then gave Raphael a DARK DUEL DISK, and then commanded him to use Orichalos o no Kekai.

Once darkness overtook Raphael, Guardian Airtos screamed and she was killed, and reborn as The Deathscythe. That monster was created from the darkness in his heart. The memory faded, and Raphael told Yami that he will not turn back, from that day. In the end, Raphael used Soul Replenishment, which he gave up all his life points, to have all his monsters in the cemetery, to come back to him. Yami then began to understand that he was trying to get out of the darkness, by using "Light." Suddenly, Guardian Airtos appeared in the sky, and floated down in front of him, with all his other "monsters" looking at him, bringing back memories from his childhood; his sister, brother, and his parents. Guardian Airtos then took all his monsters, and family, up to heaven. Instantly, the jade necklace shattered!

The seal vanished, but Raphael was still alive. His soul WASN'T taken. Instead, he lost his dark/evil mind. The building they were on began to collapse. Isono came luckily, and everybody got aboard the helicopter. Yami tried to help Raphael get up to the chopper, but the surface beneath them both, collapsed! Raphael flung Yami onto a higher level of the broken building. Raphael then threw a small data chip for a palm pilot, which was a map to where Dartz was. Then Raphael fell into the rubble!

However, he survived, and he had Valon, and Mai with him (who were motionless). He then tried to stop Dartz when Dartz was dueling Yami Yuugi and Kaiba, to prevent going further into the darkness. That's when Dartz revealed he was behind the murder of Miruko. He was the one who burned the church, and he was the one who created the typhoon, which killed Raphael's siblings, and parents. Instantly, the Geometric star appeared on Raphael's head, and he called forth Guardian Airtos to attack Dartz. However, the star then immediately sealed his soul!

Overall, Raphael seems quite strong (note the impressive 6-pack abs), and is very keen on what he has to do. In the end, he supposedly lives in Paris, France. The last time we see him is when he is thinking of Yami Yuugi, who is about to go back to the afterlife.


Raphael was just a kid when he took the cruise with his family, and he got a Duel Monster card on that cruise. Now Pegasus did not invent Duel Monsters until he was 18 (one year after Cyndia died, because he spent one year in Egypt). At debut Pegasus was 24. In the Memory World Arc, Tea says four years have passed since the start of the show, so we can assume that one year passes with each season. That means when Raphael makes his appearance it has only been nine years (6 + 3) after Duel Monsters were invented. That means only nine years passed since the cruise... and he should've been around 10-12 then. So he should only be in his early twenties.

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