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Character Profile: Shadi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shadi Shadi Shadi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Human Human
Male Male
20 years old(born March 3) 20 years old(born March 3)
Black Black
Blue Blue
Guardian of the Millennium Items Guardian of the Millennium Items
"Take Great Care"  
Wayne Grayson Kaneto Shiozawa(Yu-Gi-Oh)
· · ·
  Nozomu Sasaki(Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Shadi

Shadi is a guardian of the seven Millennium Items, and he's also the owner of the Millennium Key [Millennium Ankh] and Scale. He's a mysterious man who seems to appear at a time of tragedy. When the Millennium Puzzle was complete, he challenged and lost to Yugi in a ShadowGame to see if Yugi was worthy of possessing the item.

In the second season, it was revealed that Shadi also gave Pegasus his Millennium Eye. He arrived on Duelist Kingdom when he sensed Pegasus' Eye was taken from him by Yami Bakura's foul methods, which would alter the balance of the Millennium on Items' power. It was there that he encountered Yugi again, believing he may be the thief. He used his Millennium Key to enter Yugi's mind, only to discover Yugi's relation to the Pharaoh, to whom Shadi's loyalties lie. Shadi would meet Yugi again later during the Battle City finals to reveal how Pegasus found the Egyptian God Cards.

The Millennium Key can enter a person's heart and detect their true personality. It can also change a person's personality at will, with its owner's consent of course. The Millennium Scale is used to judge people. If its owner asks a question, the person being questioned must answer honestly or they are punished. If the person answers untruthfully, a monster from the abyss devours them.

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