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Solomon MotoSugoroku MutouSolomon Moto (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
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Sugoroku Muto (alternate spelling)
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Apdnarg OtomMurun Shimon ("Mask of Rock")
72 years (born October 4)72 years (born October 4)
4'11"151 cm
136.7 lbs62 kg
Type OType O
Yugi's grandfather, card shop ownerYugi's grandfather, card shop owner
Adam BlausteinTadashi Miyazawa
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Solomon Moto

Solomon is Yugi's Grandfather and owner Domino City's Game Shop. Solomon taught Yugi about Duel Monsters and also told him to belive in the Heart of the Cards. Solomon handed Yugi the Milliennium Puzzle and kind of dared him to sovle it.

Solomon owns the fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which was given to him by his old friend Aurther Hawkins as a sign of their friendship (because he saved Aurther's life when they met back in Egypt). It ripped, however, thanks to Seto Kaiba, after Solomon lost the duel and then handed Yugi his dueling deck and told him to teach Kaiba some repect.

After the Conclusion of the Doom Saga (Saga after Battle City, where Dartz and his Orichalcos Soldiers try to destroy the world), Kaiba has created a duel monsters amusement park in the U.S. and is hosting a tournament in honor of its grand opening: the KC Grand Prix.

Grandpa Mouto competes in this tournament under an alias. In the Japanese version, his alias is "Mask of Rock" (he wears a mask, and puts the number 6 on it), while in the English version his alias is "Apdnarg Otom", which is "Grandpa Moto" backwards. However, when he comes up against Joey (who was even his old student!) he is surprisingly defeated and knocked out of the tournament, thanks to Joey's skills, cards, and a little bit of luck on Joey's part (what else is new?).

If I am correct, Exodia is the Ka of Siamun, who was Solomon back in Ancient Egypt. Siamun was one of the six priest of Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen, he was the controller of the Millennium Key. When Akhenamkhanen died he retired his place as a priest a became Atemu's visor and gave the Millennium Key to Shadi. 5,000 years later he went on an expedition to recover a "Treasure" in the Tomb of the Unknown Pharaoh. That is why Atemu replied "I have been waiting... SIAMUN" and not Solomon because he only knew him by the name of Siamun. That is why Solomon was the only member of the crew to return alive, with the broken Millennium Puzzle in hand. Thus beginning the Destiny of Yugi Mutou to find the pharaoh's name.

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