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Yami MarikYami no MalikYami Marik (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
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Yami no Mariku (alternate spelling)
6 years old (but in Marik's body)6 years old (but in Marik's body)
Navy blue/VioletNavy blue/Violet
5'11"180 cm
121.3 lbs55 kg
J.T. Ross (Jonathan Todd Ross)Iwanaga Tetsuya
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Yami Marik

Very little is known about Yami Marik. He was created by the hate and darkness in Marik's heart when he went through the Tomb Keeper's initiation. He first surfaced when Marik's father was about to kill Odion for allowing Marik to leave the tomb. Yami Marik killed Mr. Ishtar, and would had killed Odion, but Odion's loyalty to his master allowed Yami Marik to be suppressed.

Yami Marik finally reappears a second time on the Battle Ship during the duel between Odion and Joey, which ended in Ra putting Odion in a coma. Unlike the blind revenge-driven Marik, his embodiment of evil exists to plunge the world in everlasting darkness. Yami Marik is ruthless, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Among his victims in his Shadow Games were Mai (during their duel on the battleship) and Joey (on Kaiba Island during the semi-finales), trapping them in the Shadow Realm. Even Yami Bakura, with Marik's soul helping him, fell victim to Yami Marik's Shadow Games.

During the Noah saga, Yami Marik decided to let Noah and his Big Five deal with Yugi for him. But he got tired of waiting for results, and walked around, causing damage wherever he went. He even destroyed the console that controlled the Kaiba Military Satellite Noah programmed to destroyed his Fortress, before Noah was about to abort it.

During the finals, Yami Marik arranges a Shadow Game with Yugi, saying that if he wins, all of Yami Marik's victims (except Marik) would be restored. But if Yami Marik wins, he not only gets Yugi's God Cards and Puzzle, but sends Yugi's soul into the Shadow Realm to join the others. Yami Marik was about to win until Odion regained consciousness and arrived, allowing the real Marik to reassert control, forcing Yami Marik out of him. Marik then forfeited the duel, bringing everyone back from the Shadow Realm and sealing the bodiless Yami Marik in it.

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