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Pharaoh AtemPharaoh Atemu (をテム)Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Yami YugiYami no Yuugi (ι—‡ιŠζˆ―)
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Bel um Ful
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Mou hitori no boku ("Another I")
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Namonaki Pharaoh ("Nameless Pharaoh")
16 years old (born July 26)16 years old (born July 26)
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5000 years old (appears about 16) (Yami Yugi)3000 years old (appears about 16) (Yami Yugi)
Red, black, blondeRed, black, blonde
5'0" (source: Yu-gi-Oh Book)153cm (source: Yu-gi-Oh Book)
92.6 lbs (source: Yu-gi-Oh Book)42 kg (source: Yu-gi-Oh Book)
Type A (source: Yu-gi-Oh Book)Type A (source: Yu-gi-Oh Book)
Soul of an Egyptian PharaohSoul of an Egyptian Pharaoh
"It's time to duel!""Aibou!"
Dan GreenMegumi Ogata (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
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Shunsuke Kazama (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters)
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Yami Yugi

Pharaoh Atem was the young Pharaoh who saved the world 5,000 years ago from utter destruction. Not very much is known about him, but he surrendered his life to save Egypt. Then his soul was placed in his Millennium Puzzle. After centuries, it was uncovered by Solomon Moto, who gave it to his grandson Yugi who reassembled the puzzle.

When Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle, he released Atem, who possessed his body. At first Yugi was unaware of Atem's presence, but eventually he learns about the spirit. Atem calls himself 'Yami', as he has no memory of his previous life. Yami made it his mission to protect Yugi, refusing to let anyone harm him. To punish evildoers, Yami uses his power called Mind Crush. Usually it sends a person's evil to the Shadow Realm, but it can also do horrible things to them if Yami is really mad.

Yugi drew the line during the duel with Seto Kaiba (the reincarnation of Priest Seto, who was Atem's cousin) at Duelist Kingdom when Yami was going to kill Kaiba just to win. During Yugi's duel with Mai, Yami persuaded Yugi to give him a second chance, and since then Yami became less severe and more merciful.

Pharaoh Atem After that, Yugi promised the spirit that they would uncover the mysteries of his past. This led to Yami learning that he was Pharaoh, and that the Egyptian God cards would restore his memory. He obtained Slifer, then Oblisk, and finally Ra. From seeing the markings on Marik's back, Yami realized that the tablet held his memory...

However, once at the museum, someone stole the three God Cards from Yugi before Yami could regained his memory. That person was Dartz, the leader of DOOM. But, as a way to counter DOOM, Yugi gained the Legendary Dragon Card Timaeus. Unfortunately, Yami's anger was played by Raphel and they lost their duel as a result, with Yugi paying the price with his soul taken instead of Yami. Now a guilt-driven Yami intends to save his friend and stop DOOM.

Pharaoh Atem's Age

In Yu-Gi-Oh: Dawn of the Duel, Yami Bakura was talking to the pharaoh about something that happened in his village 15 years ago. During that time, Yami had just barely been born, making him about 15 years old.

Character Description: Yami Yugi

As Yami goes back in time to see his lost memory, he ended up in Egypt, when he was being inaugurated pharaoh (which was 3000 years ago). There were six priests there to greet him, Priest Seto (Priest Seth in Japanese), Priest Mahado (a.k.a. The Dark Magician), Priest Kalim, Priestess Isis (who is reborn as Ishizu), High Priest Akhenaden, and Priest Shada (who is reborn as Shadi). Every priest possessed a millennium item.

One night, after a display of all the millennium items use, Thief Bakura came and wanted to kill everybody, including Yami. Thief Bakura wanted to bring an evil darkness over the entire world, reviving the god, Zork. As Yami played out his role as pharaoh, Thief Bakura began destroying Yami's kingdom, using his duel monster, Diabound, to start his plans to raise Zork. For a while, Yami and his priests fought Thief Bakura, but then, Priest Akhenaden turned against the pharaoh (since Thief Bakura made his greed turn him against the priests), and then Akhenaden revived Zork. Then he wanted, his son, Priest Seto (nobody at the time knew that Akhenaden was Seto's father) to became the pharaoh of darkness. Eventually, Akhenaden was killed by Kisara (Blue-Eyes White Dragon).

As time went on, Priest Karmim, Shadda, and Isis were killed. Mahado sacrificed himself to become pharaoh's slave to protect him. In the end, the gang (Anzu, Yuugi Mutou, Honda, and Jounouchi) had to find Yami Yuugi's real name, which was Atemu/Atem. With Yami Yuugi's name known, Yami Yuugi summoned Obelisk, Ra, and Osiris, and fused them together (using his name as the key), to create THE Light Halakti. Zork then is killed, and so is Thief Bakura, and Yami Bakura! As the memory fades, Atem asked Priest Seto to take the position as pharaoh

Then, the Ceremonial Battle begins. This duel determines whether Yami no Yuugi whould share the same body as Yugi Mutou, or whether he is sent to the past, and change what didn't happen 3,000 years ago. Sadly, Yuugi Mutou wins, and Yami Yuugi looses. Yuugi cries, wishing that Yami could stay, and Yami tries to console his little friend. Even all his friends began to cry, since they shared a wonderful, friendly bond with Yami no Yuugi. Yuugi said that he would never forget Yami no Yuugi. Then, Yami no Yuugi says his last good-bye, and goes back to the past to change the future of Egypt. Sadly enough, that is the end of Yami no Yuugi.

In the Japanese version, Yami did not go back into the past. Rather, he went to the World of the Dead. Apparently he wasn't alive to begin with, and joined his father and his court in the afterlife.

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