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Character Profile: Zorc the Dark One

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Japanese Info
Zorc the Dark OneZorc NecrophadesZorc the Dark One (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
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Zork Necrophidius (alternate fan spelling)Zork Necrophedia (alternate fan spelling)
Yami BakuraYami Bakura
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Zorc the Dark One

Zork Necrophedious is a dark being. He represents the "ultimate evil", and the final test of the Pharaoh Atem and friends. He is currently sealed away in the Millennium Tablet, with only one way of getting out... he requires eight keys. To obtain them, he calls upon the hate of the Thief King Bakura, and tells him to collect the 7 Millennium Items, which are 7 of the 8 Keys. The last Key would be the Nameless Pharoah's true name.

And while sealed away, he obviously can't do much, but when at least two or more Millennium Items are in place upon the Tablet, he can somewhat affect his surroundings. He tosses Bakura around a bit for being ignorant. But nevertheless, Bakura get's a hold of all the items, and tries to release Zork, who is said to be invincible. And since Zork is the creator of the Shadow Realm itself, he basically is.

But armed with the 3 Egyptian God's, the great Nameless Pharoah also learns his name (and then is known as Pharoah Atem). With all this, his power is fully realized, and he fuses the three Egyptian Gods together to form The Creator of Light, Horakti. As always, light beats darkness, good beats evil, and with the power of everyone behind him, Yami defeats Zork, and traps him back into the tablet.

Character Description: Zorc the Dark One

Zork Necrophedious is an entity of pure evil created along with the seven Millenium items. Zork inhabits the Millenium Ring.

He was released and tried to destroy the world, using Thief Bakura and Priest Akunadin to do so, but was sealed back inside the Millenium Ring by Pharaoh Atem.

Three thousand years later, Zork has returned as Yami Bakura and seeks the Millenium items in order to rise to power once again.

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