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Japanese Info
Akiza IzinskiAki IzayoiAkiza Izinski (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
The Black RoseBlack Rose Witch
17 years old17 years old
Red/Dark VioletRed/Dark Violet
Psychic Duelist, SignerPsychic Duelist, Signer
Stay away from me!Wretched Mark!
Bella HudsonAyumi Kinoshita
Episode 14Episode 14
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D'sYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Character Description: Akiza Izinski

Aki Izayoi is one of the five signers with the front claw mark, and her dragon, the Black Rose Dragon. She is also a psychic duelist, and a former member of the Arcadia Movement, which was run by Divine. She is also one of the few characters with a checkered past.

In her early years, she lived a somewhat normal life, with her father as the senator of Neo Domino. She faced somewhat of a level of neglect from her father as he constantly 'chose' his job over her. This eventually enraged her so much, that in a duel she accidentally used her psychic abilities to materialize the damage of the trap card on her father. However, it wasn't until he called her a 'monster' that she became terrified of herself. This very same incident was the one that caused the strain on the relationship between her and her parents. This was ironically the same day she discovered her dragon mark.

Hoping it would help control her powers, her parents sent her to duel academy. However, the plan failed, as she accidentally attacked a student during a dueling simulation. After this, people shunned her out of fear. One day, she ran away from the academy, and returned home. However, when she approached her house, she saw that her parents were happy living their lives without her. In pure rage, she destroys the house, and runs away.

She then lives on the streets alone, and makes a name for herself. Based on her feelings towards terrorizing people through duels, she becomes 'The Black Rose Witch'. One day, she meets Divine, leader of the Arcadia Movement. He tells her that he can help her keep her powers in check and 'save her'. (Although in reality, he just wanted to use her powers for world domination.)

She then makes her debut, with her Black Rose Dragon, attacking two street duelists. While the crowd disburses, Yusei runs towards the explosion and meets the Black Rose Witch face to face. She then notices his mark, calling it 'wretched'. She then disappears.

She isn't seen again until the opening ceremony for the Fortune Cup. After she defeats her first opponent, the audience soon discovers The Black Rose Witch and Aki are one and the same. Upon this realization, people become terrified, and mock her.

When she duels Yusei, he tries to figure out the truth behind Aki's intentions. This plan somewhat works, as she comes into a feeling of despair, and even cries asking for help, when she loses. But before Yusei can do anything else, she leaves with Divine back to the Arcadia Movement Headquarters to recover.

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