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Character Profile: Jin Kaze Tsukai

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jin Kaze Tsukai Jin Kaze Tsukai(陣) Jin Kaze Tsukai (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Windmaster Jin the Wind Tamer
Demon Demon
Male Male
Red Red
Blue Blue
About 6' About 183 cm
Shinobi of Wind Shinobi of Wind
"Whew! That's a wiggle."  
Jerry Jewel Kappei Yamaguchi
Yu Yu Hakusho Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Character Description: Jin Kaze Tsukai

Jin is a wind master that talks with a strong Irish accent, and is one of the strongest fighters of Team Mascho (Mashoutoukai). At the Dark Tournament, he fights with Yusuke for his team's fourth match against Team Urameshi. Jin's signature move is the tornado fist. After getting beaten by Yusuke's Spirit Wave, he befriends Yusuke.

Editor's Note:

Apparently there is an exchange of dialog in the series that lead some people to believe that Jin and Yusuke are half-brothers. This dialog occurs in Episode 40: "Jin the WindMaster", when Kuwabara is saying how Yusuke rarely connects with anyone, and how that the only one who can really talk to him is Keiko.

Kuwabara: "But this Jin guy's just the same, like a twin."
Botan: "Well, that will make fighting against him difficult."
Kurama: (chuckles weakly)
Botan: "What's wrong Kurama? Are you alright?"
Kurama: "Just laughing. It seems you don't know brothers very well, Botan."

Now, can you see how this dialog DOES NOT infer that Jin and Yusuke are related? Kuwabara is saying they are like twins, not that they are actually related. And Kurama is saying that, contrary to what Botan may think, it is not at all difficult for brothers to fight against each other. He is not saying that Jin and Yusuke are brothers.

Now, I was also told by someone that Risho and Jin are half brothers, sharing the same demon father, but having separate mothers. I have not been able to find anyone that has either heard this stated in the anime or read it in the manga, so I assume that it is not true.

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