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MukuroMukuroMukuro (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Dark blueDark blue
About 5'4"163 cm
Wendy PowellMinami Takayama
Yu Yu HakushoYuu Yuu Hakusho

Character Description: Mukuro

Mukuro is a master of the northeastern territory of Makai. She had hidden the fact that she was female for most of her life, until the Ankoku Bujuutskai where she then revealed her gender.

Mukuro did not start out as a demon lord. When she was young, she was sold into slavery. Her master would constantly beat her, and rape her every year on her birthday. To escape his desires, she poured acid on her body, scarring half her form. After she poured acid over her body he threw her out and she ran away. (Later on in the manga, Hiei brings him to her as a birthday present, trapped in one of Kurama's plants, for her to torture for all eternity.) She tried to kill herself by jumping into a river but washed up onto a rocky shore and that's where the scene of her smashing her shackles into the rocks came from. It never explains exactly how she grew up after (aside from bloodshed) but it's probable that she lived off the streets, USING bandages and ofuda (talisman) to cover her disfigured form.

Hundreds of years passed which followed a wake of killing and fear, and Mukuro rose to her position and summoned Hiei to her side as her second-in-command and was given a position after he defeated her former aide, Shigure. The proposed tournament of the Ankoku Bujuustkai was to choose a new ruler for Makai. Mukuro didn't finish as first and was therefore relieved of her position. Her crew was then assigned to watch over Makai and guide back Ningens that wandered into it.

Mukuro 'confesses feelings' for Hiei after Hiei's battle with Shigure, though in her own way, not directly. While Hiei was unconscious and in the regeneration tank, she explains her past to him (and he's listening via Jagan), and then they communicated through their entire fight during the tournament since that's the best way they know how to communicate (they're very similar people after all). Their conversation after the fight is mostly Hiei telling Mukuro she should let go of her past and that he would be able to completely let go of his with her as well.

For Mukuro's birthday, Hiei gave her ex-master a beatdown and infected him with a parasite plant Janen Ju.

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