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Character Profile: Raizen

USA Info
Japanese Info
Raizen Raizen Raizen (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Demon Demon
Male Male
At least 3000 years old At least 3000 years old
Greyish yellow Greyish yellow
Violet Violet
Makai Ruler Makai Ruler
Chris Sabat  
Yu Yu Hakusho Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Character Description: Raizen

Raizen is one of the three rulers of Makai. He first appears in the show when Yusuke is fighting Sensui and he interrupts and possesses Yusuke. When Raizen's men retreive Yusuke from Earth he tells Yusuke that he is his ancestor. Yusuke then trains to defeat his ancestor Raizen in battle.

During their battle Raizens past unfolds. He tells Yusuke how he would raid villages and eat human flesh. But when he once was in battle he became wounded. A female human doctor helps him and they fall in love. He then promises her that he would never eat human flesh again, with this he is slowly dying over the course of the years since he last ate human flesh. With his passing he leaves Yusuke to take over his position.

In episode 107, one of Raizen's fighters says he had fought Raizen himself over 1,500 years ago and it was just childs play for Raizen, and Raizen states he trained for 1,000 to reach he power level, so that should make Raizen be at least 3,000 years old.

Editor's Note:

There is some controversy over whether Raizen is just Yusuke's ancestor, or if he is actually Yusuke's father. You can read about this on Yusuke's profile so I don't have to reprint it (and thus update it) here as well. But to sum up, Raizen is Yusuke's ancestor, NOT his father.

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