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Character Profile: Ree

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ree Rui Ree (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Ice Maiden Koorime(Ice Maiden)
Female Female
Ice Blue Ice Blue
Ocean Blue Ocean Blue
5'5" 165 cm
115 lbs 52.2 kg
Hina's Best Friend Hina's Best Friend
"I'll be waiting for you to take your revenge, little one." "I' ll be waiting for you to take your revenge, little one."
Yu Yu Hakusho Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Character Description: Ree

Rui is an ice maiden that used to be Hina's best friend. Rui is the one who cast Hiei from the Ice World when he was an infant. Before she did, she gave him a tear gem that came from Hina, and told him that she wanted him to grow up strong and one day take revenge upon the elders. Then she threw him out.

Luckily, Hiei did survive the fall, and was raised by thieves. After Hiei got the Jagan implanted, he returned to the Ice World to take his revenge as Rui had told him to. The world seemed as if it were dead, the Koorime shutting themselves off from the world for so long. The people were as if they themselves were ice, they hardly had feelings, and were all terrified of anyone, thus being Hiei as he arrived, intruding in their home. Hiei found them too pitiful to kill, thus leaving them to writhe in their own secluded misery.

He found Rui by Hina's gravestone, she then told him about how Hina had comitted suicide after the loss of her son. Rui then also informed him of Yukina and how she left looking for him. So after hearing all of this he left to find her.

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