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Character Profile: Sakyo Valdez

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sakyo Valdez Sakyou Valdez Sakyo Valdez (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Human Human
Male Male
About 27 About 27
Black Black
Blue/brown/purple(depends on his mood) Blue/brown/purple(depends on his mood)
Head of the Black Player's Club Head of the Black Player's Club
"I wonder how the commitee will rule?"  
Eric Vale Furuta Nobuyuki
Yu Yu Hakusho Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Character Description: Sakyo Valdez

Sakyo has got long hair, eyes that shift in color, a bad attitude, and he smokes and gambles. But Sayko started out living a plain life, though he despised his own family. As a young boy he found a thrill in death, killing harmless animals (pulling the wings off of flies, breaking puppies legs, running cats over with his bike). When he took a job at a pet shop, he cut out the hearts of animals just to see how long they would live. Then he got older, and found a thrill in gambling when there were lives on the line. And he made a fortune in it.

Sayko is most seen in the Dark Tournament as the manager of Team Toguro. He develops feelings for Shizuru Kuwabara. Before the Yusuke/Toguro match, Sakyo proposed a bet that the manager of the losing team dies, and Koenma accepted. When Yusuke won, Sayko activates the stadium's self-destruct system and remained as it collapsed. He wanted to use the prize money from winning to complete his two-way gateway from the Human World to the Demon World. But as he is to die, he wanted to make sure no one could continue his research.

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