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Japanese Info
YomiYoumiYomi (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Over 1,000 years (looks about mid-20's)Over 1,000 years (looks about mid-20's)
Gold? or purple (like Shura's)Gold? or purple (like Shura's)
King of MaikaiKing of Maikai
Masashi Ebara
Yu Yu HakushoYuu Yuu Hakusho

Character Description: Yomi

Youmi is another master of Makai who mainly organized the Ankoku Bujuustkai.

In his younger years he fought alongside Youko Kurama in his band of thieves until he branched off and created his own group because he didn't want to listen to the clearly smarter Youko Kurama. After this happened, Kurama had an assassin sent to kill Youmi, but the assassin failed and merely blinded him (a mistake that cost him his life through years of torture).

Many years later in Makai, the high master demon Raizen (Yusuke's ancestor) was dying because he'd refused to eat humans. During his last months, Raizen called Yusuke to his side to train him for the upcoming Ankoku Bujuustkai. Youmi had called upon Kurama to help him, (not knowing it was Kurama who sent the assassin), and Mukuro called upon Hiei.

Soon after Raizen died, the Ankoku Bujuustkai was on. Kurama soon abandoned Youmi to team up with Yusuke. After this happened, Youmi recruited his son Shura (who he'd been genetically creating in a lab) in Kurama's absence.

The Ankoku Bujuustkai finally began and the first major battle involving Youmi was him versus Shura. He defeated Shura (with some difficulty) and then went on to fight Yusuke. The final fight was very explosive, and ended with Youmi barely winning. He was then defeated in the next round by a common demon because he was just too weak. After the tournament, he congratulated Yusuke for the fight he put up, and challenged Yusuke to a rematch at the same tournament in three years. He then went off to train.

Character Description: Yomi

Centuries ago, long before Yusuke was even born, Yomi was already a young youkai fighting for survival. Makai was his home, a place in which only the strongest ruled. At that time, Yomi was neither the powerful King he would become in the future, nor possessed his astounding might and imposing appearance. For this reason he opted to become a thief, a very risky profession, but a shorter, more promising way towards success.

It was during his days as a thief that he met Kurama, already considered as a Legend among Makai outlaws. Eventually they teamed up, and Yomi became second in command in the gang lead by the Youko. Even during this period, Yomi aspired to conquer a Kingdom of his own.

Nevertheless Yomi was not satisfied in just following Kurama's orders. Being an ambitious and impetuous young youkai, he stated taking chances in a solo-career, coincident to his job in Kurama's band. However, Yomi did not possess the same cold-hearted attitude and experience his leader bore. Countless times, his schemes ended up in huge flaws, what caused several losses among Kurama's subordinates.

Even though, Yomi trusted the Youko. Once, in one of his memorable miscalculations, Yomi's life was saved by Kurama, who, apparently, had never forbidden Yomi to work on his own. Then, nothing had prepared Yomi to the treason which followed...

One day, as he would always do, Yomi had gathered some members of the gang in another non-official raid. What was supposed to be just a routine procedure, became a premeditate ambush. Yomi and his followers barely had any chance to escape the slaughter.

Yomi fought bravely, but could not stand up to the massive attack drawn by a youkai far more powerful than him. With a first blow Yomi had his eyes slashed by his attacker's swords. Luckily for him, he was yet able to fight back and strike his opponent although he had been blinded. His enemy ran away shouting out the words Yomi would never forget. "Life is worth more than any reward."

The anime does not mention the way Yomi was able to overcome his blindness and misery after his fall. What is known is that he managed to win somehow. And Makai would never be the same after that.

Giving birth to Shura was easy. He made an artificial womb for Shura to be born from. Of course, this might have been nine to ten years before Shura is introduced as Yomi's son.

Centuries later, as Yusuke finds out about his Demon origin, Kurama and Hiei are invited to return to Makai. On seeing Yomi's image created by an hologram, Kurama trembles. It was another shadow coming to life from his past in order to claim the price for his previous crimes.

But at that time, the situation has changed. Kurama isn't the most powerful and wicked criminal of Makai any longer. He's imprisoned in a human body, unable to personify the energy he had once possessed. Meanwhile, Yomi has become one of Makai great leaders, feared and respected even by Raizen. It is very clear nothing could save the youko turned human from his former-subordinate's revenge.

So, Kurama returns to his homeland, aware to be at mercy of whatever plans Yomi has reserved him.

After an edgy encounter, an agreement is made between the ex-partners. Yomi accepts to spare Kurama's life and human family in exchange for his assistance. Yomi needs a team prepared for the Makai Tournament, which is being organized by Yusuke. He hasn't forgotten the Youko's cunning. He knows such an ally would be very convenient for that matter.

Of course the series does not make the relationship between Yomi and Kurama explicit, but no one can deny only a strong feeling could prevent a King like Yomi to take revenge from the one who had betrayed him in such a despicable manner.

Yomi's Kingdom is now quite different from the desolate area of the old times. Gandara, city founded by Yomi and capital of his domain seems to be as developed as any of the Ningenkai main cities. Technology and facilities are its trademarks. However, the Kingdom's wealth isn't Yomi's concealed weapon in the incoming battle. Days before the beginning of the Tournament, comes Shura, Yomi's son. Although he is still a child, his power levels matches Yusuke's.

In fact, Shura is a very promising and feared competitor. However, bad luck places father and son, one against the other, in one of the first combats. Yomi is the winner, as expected, but at least the contest serves as experience to the kid, who already displays great strength and fighting spirit.

Soon after, Yomi has the opportunity to be near the Youko once more. It happens during Kurama's fight against Shigure, the responsible for Hiei jagan implant. Yomi wishes the Youko aspect to predominate in the combat but that doesn't happen. Kurama breaks with his past, refusing to go into combat in his original form. All in all, Yomi accepts Kurama's decision, letting him free to follow the way he had chosen.

Then, it's time for Yomi to face Raizen's heir, Yusuke. The combat is one of the best fighting scenes of the whole series. Both competitors are very strong and determined. Yomi ends up defeating Urameshi, who wakes up in a Gandara hospital a week later.

Shortly after, Yomi quits the Tournament. He also had wasted too much energy during the fight against Yusuke. So, he decides to dedicate himself to Shura's training, allowing Enki the final triumph.

At the end of the anime series, Yomi bids farewell to Kurama and Yusuke and starts a journey with Shura with the purpose of preparing him for the next Tournament. Then his heir would have a new chance to become Makai's sole ruler.

Before leaving the Makai, Kurama meets Yomi for a last time. Even after all that happened, Yomi tells him it was nice to meet him again. So, the former-youko can return to his home in the Ningenkai in peace, knowing that some of his previous crimes were forgiven.

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