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Zatch BellKonjiki No Gash Bell!! (金色のガッシュベル!!) ("Golden Gash Bell!!")Zatch Bell
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Golden Gash Bell!!
? TV episodes152 TV episodes, 2 Movies
March 5, 2005 (Cartoon Network broadcast)April 6, 2003–March 26, 2006
ShoPro, StudiopolisToei Animation, Shogakukan, Fuji TV, Yomiko Advertising
Makoto Raiku
Tetsuji Nakamura
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, ParanormalAction, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Paranormal
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Description: Zatch Bell

Zatch Bell begins with a 14-year old Junior High student named Kiyo Takamine. While being very intelligent, he is also very stubborn and cynical, which distances himself from the other students. All of this changes one day when he receives a gift from his father, in the form of a strange young boy named Zatch. Soon enough Zatch learns that he's no regular kid, but a Mamodo, which is a being from another world.

Mamodos are beings who have different elemental powers, each of which are controlled by a spellbook. The spellbook also serves as a lifesource for a Mamodo, which means if the book goes, so does the Mamodo. Zatch's world is holding a competition on Earth to decide the next Mamodo King, and he soon learns that many Mamodo's are currently residing on Earth, all competing against each other.

However, many Mamodo's have ended up in the wrong hands, and the two partners run into many evil characters who use their Mamodo's for sinister purposes. Friend and foe alike all become enemies/rivals for the purpose of this violent war for the Mamodo King, and Zatch hopes to change all of this by winning his way to the top.

The stronger the bond between the Mamodo and their partner, the stronger they become. Together Kiyo and Zatch learn about life, the meaning of friendship and the true strength it gives them in this battle. Will Zatch win the Mamodo Wars and bring peace to his home world?

Description: Zatch Bell

Kiyomaro Takamine was just a 14 year old middle school boy, that is until one day when a demon boy named Gash Bell came into his life. Kiyomaro's father had sent Gash to help Kiyomaro get motivated.

Kiyomaro notices a strange book which Gash carries. He then shouted out "Zaker" accidentally when Gash was nude in his room, and Gash shot lightning through the window. Later on Kiyomaro realizes that he actually shouted a spell from the book. Soon Kiyomaro and Gash become friends and fight various villains in the world of Konjiki No Gash Bell!

In the Japanese version, Momodos are considered demons and the Momodo world is hell.

Description: Zatch Bell

This is the story of a young man named Kio who is both smart and stubborn. But that all changes when he meets a boy named Zatch Bell. Zatch is a Mamodo, which are child-like creatures that control different elements.

Zatch Bell has finished its run in Japan, however it was cut off and replaced with the fifth Digimon Season, Digimon Savers. Basically, this means that the story was never resolved, and apparently it ends on a cliffhanger. Don't you hate it when that happens?! (P.S.- That was a rhetorical question... you don't need to e-mail me saying "Yes I do!")

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