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GustavGustav (グスタフ)Gustav (Zatch Bell)
Holder of Bari's bookHolder of Bari's book
"What kind of king are you going to be?"
Crispin FreemanUnshō Ishizuka
Zatch BellKonjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Gustav

When Gustav learns about the mamodo battle from Vincent Bari, he asks Bari if battling is really enough. He doesn't tell Bari the answer because he wants Bari to figure it out on his own.

During Bari's battles before battling Zatch Bell, he tells Bari that he's acting like a little kid who's complaining because he can't get what he wants. Also, the enemies that they battled had told them that no mamodo had survived a battle against Zatch. The area in Japan that their battle took place was at an abandoned factory. During the battle, Zatch and Kiyo had to get two girls that were trapped upstairs.

Eventually Kiyo ran out energy when he used BaoZakeruga that was blocked by Zarushield. Zatch still kept fighting, but Bari couldn't understand why he keeps fighting, and why he can't move his fists. Gustav steps in and says that the battle is over, and he asks Zatch "What kind of king do you want to be?" When he hears that Zatch wants to be a kind king, Bari responds, "You have chosen a difficult path. Is that why you let the other humans go before you started fighting? Was it to hold true to your ideals? But your ideals put you at a disadvantage."

Gustav asks Bari, "What kind of king do you want to be? All you care about is defeating the enemies you come across. You're nothing more than a thug. This kid's ideals shine through those eyes of his. You can't bring yourself to hit him." He doesn't burn Zatch's book because he gave an opportunity to change, and he looks forward to battling them again.

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