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Character Profile: Kanchome

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kanchome Kyanchome Kanchome (Zatch Bell)
Mamodo Mamodo
Male Male
Orange Orange
Folgore's Mamodo Folgore's Mamodo
"You can never defeat the invincible Folgore and Kanchome!"  
Zatch Bell Konjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Kanchome

Kanchome is the Mamodo partner of Folgore, a super star in Italy in movies and singing. He looks like a cross between a duck and a human child due to his duck bill shaped mouth. His hair is done up in a sort of swirl like ice cream. He wears what looks to be pajamas where ever he goes.

He is a bit annoying at times, though mostly to Kiyo. He's friends with Zatch. He is the kind of person to never give up in a fight, even if the chips are not piled in his favor. He and Folgore are close friends, and Kanchome tends to worry about him when he's gone for longer periods of time.

Kanchome is also a bit forgetful; once Folgore went to do a concert for children sick in the hospital, and Kanchome forgot about this and got worried, thinking that he had forgotten about the big concert that was due to take place soon. He asked Kiyo and Zatch, who were in London looking for answers to Zatch's past, to help look for Folgore. After looking in flower and toy shops they found him singing to a child who had written to him asking him to play a concert at the hospital.

Kanchome's full Mamodo powers aren't completely known yet, but so far they seem to deal with physical transformations.

Kanchome's spells are as follows:

  1. Poruk (Poruku) - Kanchome can transform into any shape, form, or size he pleases. (Transformation spell)
  2. Koporuk (Koporuku) - Kanchome shrinks down in size. (Transformation spell)
  3. Dika Poruk (Dika Poruku) - Kanchome becomes gigantic in size, but it is only an illusion. (Transformation spell)
  4. Dima Buruk (Deima Buruku) - Kanchome creates 5 powered up clones of himself. (Attack spell)

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