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Japanese Info
4 years old4 years old
Ladybug CapLadybug Cap
Episode 24: Apollo, the free travelerEpisode 24: Apollo, the free traveler
Zatch BellKonjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Rops

Rops is a mamodo, and his partner is Apollo. They traveled the world together, and they eventually went to the town where Zatch and Kiyo live. Rops doesn't like when Apollo tells Kiyo, "I just don't care about this whole battle of the mamodo thing!"

Rops has battled other mamodoes, but they never burned anyone's books. Rops also doesn't like pickled plums. Rops does battle Zatch Bell, and just like in volume 7 of the manga, Zatch Bell, the battle was a draw.

Unfortunately, Rops doesn't see Zatch again because when Rops and Apollo are in the Netherlands, they see a mamodo that looks like Zatch but it isn't. Rops battles them, but his book gets burned.

Apollo also tells Kiyo what happens to Rops in an episode, and gives the names of Dufort and Zeno.

Rops's spells are as follows:

  1. Rigron (Riguron) - Rops shoots multiple ropes from each hand with small hooks attached to the ends, he can lift and throw objects with this spell. (Attack spell)
  2. Dino Rigron (Dino Riguron) - Rops shoots chains with anchors at the ends of them at the opponent, or to lift even greater or larger objects. (Attack spell)
  3. Rigrosen (Rigurosen) - Rops shoots ropes with daggers at the end of them at the opponent. (Attack spell)

Character Description: Rops

Ropes is a mamodo who wants to be king of freedom in the mamodo world. The Attacks he uses are rope attacks, like his name. When Ropes first met Apollo, he lived with this kind-hearted girl and a boy who teased him. The journey for Apollo almost ended until the book started glowing and Apollo read the spell. Before Ropes left with Apollo, the twins gave him a orange scarf to remember them by.

For some strange reason, Ropes can't talk. He appears in episode 24, 25, 42, and 55.