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Zatch BellGash Bell (ガッシュベル)Zatch Bell (Zatch Bell)
Appears about 6 years oldAppears about 6 years old
Kiyo's partnerKiyomaro's partner
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Debi DerryberryIkue Ohtani
Zatch BellKonjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Zatch Bell

Zatch Bell was a Mamodo with no memory of who he was. His doll-like face and blue robe (green in the manga) make him distinguishing. Found in London and cared for by Mr. Takamine, Zatch returned the favor by promising to help the man's son, Kiyo Takamine, overcome his socially awkwardness even if Kiyo was reluctant to have him around.

Once Zatch learned of his true nature, he was a bit scared at first, but Kiyo snapped him out of it. After the incident with the Mamodo Kolulu, Zatch vowed to be Mamodo King to ensure a happier life for his kind where they don't need to fight. Zatch does try to live a normal life, with the Vulcan-300 (Made by Kiyo from a French fry box and chopsticks) as his favorite toy. When Kiyo reads from Zatch's Red Book, it enables Zatch to shoot lightning out of his mouth ("Zakare"), among other spells.

About Zatch's dress... some conservative parents, still bench marking British practice for upperclass children before WWII, will dress very small children of both sexes in dresses as long as they need diapers. Common sense when you come to think of it. The dress provides ready access in case of emergency diaper change. They also mark the first time a child is seen in public wearing (short) pants. This occasion is the equivalent of the old British "breeching", and marks the graduation from baby- to childhood. And since Zatch comes from England, it's doubly appropriate... except that Zatch isn't actually a baby... so maybe he just likes the way it looks or feels, or because it's really easy to take off for those times when he wants to jump in water.

Zatch's spells are as follows:

  1. Zaker (Zakeru) - Zatch shoots a blast of lightning from his mouth with this spell. (Attack spell)
  2. Rashield (Rashirudo) - A very large rectangular shield ejects from the ground in front of Zatch and Kiyo and reflects attacks along with giving the projectiles an electric shock. (Defense spell)
  3. Jikerdor (Jikedoru) - Zatch shoots a slow moving ball of magnetic electric energy from his mouth and when the opponent gets hit it causes the victim to become magnetic. (Immobilization spell)
  4. Bao Zakeruga (Baou Zakeruga) - A gigantic dragon made of lightning shoots from Zatch's mouth and attacks the opponent. (Attack spell)
  5. Zakeruga (Zakeruga) - A more enhanced version of the "Zaker" spell, it is similar to Zaker except the attack is more focused and powerful. (Attack spell)
  6. Rauzaruk (Rauzaruku) - A bolt of lightning shoots from above and hits Zatch and gives him extra speed and strength, he also glows with a rainbow light around him. (Assist spell)
  7. Zaguruzemu - Zatch shoots a ball of light and whatever it hits charges with electricity, giving the object/person more damage when attacked by an electric spell/attack, or he can enhance a spell with this spell. (Assist spell)
  8. Barudo Forusu - Zatch summons a humongous electric Phoenix made of lightning that is powered by him and his friends (Ponygon, Tia, and Kanchome) and attacks the opponent. (Note: this is only present in the first movie of the anime) (Attack spell)
  9. Baou Kurou Disugurugu - Zatch summons an immense clawed hand similar to that of the Bao Zakeruga dragon, and attacks his enemy with it. Zatch uses his hand to control the clawed hand and does not lose consciousness. Manga-only attack,used during Zatch's fight with Zeno,Rodeaux and Jedun. gained in chapter 254. (Attack)
  10. Ganreizu Zakeru - A multi-turret gun is summoned, allowing for several small blasts of lightning to be thrown out at the same time. Manga-only attack used during Zatch's fight with Zeno,Rodeaux and Jedun. revealed in chapter 255. (Attack)
  11. Teozakeru - A more powerful version of Zaker. Manga-only attack used during Zatch's fight with Zeno,Rodeaux and Jedun. revealed in chapter 255. This has replaced Zakeruga as Zatch's main attack. (Attack)
  12. Maazu Jikerudon - Similar to Jikerdor, but has the ability to deflect enemy attacks. When it comes into contact with the enemy, it pulls them inside and electrocutes them. Manga-only attack used during Zatch's fight with Zeno, Rodeaux, and Jedun. (Defense/Attack)
  13. Ekuseresu Zakeruga - A great mass of electricity in the form of a gigantic arrow. (Attack)
  14. Jiou Renzu Zakeruga - A massive dragon that is similar to Baou Zakeruga. This dragon is more snakelike, and has dimons decorated on its body. The head has four pointed sides sticking from it. It rams the enemy and sends it flying.

Zatch's 'Dress' is called a mantle and it is EXTREMELY important in the manga. In the manga, Zeno turned good in the end and gave Zatch his memory back and the rest of his power to stop Faudo. Dufort then came to Kiyo and Zatch's aid by assisting them and their friends into maturing their powers which they used in their predicament for assisting them for Clear Note.

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