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Character Profile: Zeno

USA Info
Japanese Info
Zeno Zeon Zeno (Zatch Bell)
Mamodo Mamono
Male Male
Appears about 6 years old Appears about 6 years old
White White
Purple Purple
Zatch's twin brother Zatch's twin brother
Debi Derryberry Urara Takano
Episode 20 Episode 20
Zatch Bell Konjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Zeno

Zeon is Zatch's twin brother, only he is much meaner and stronger, not to mention cold hearted and white. He is the reason Zatch lost his memory! OK! This is what happened...

Zatch couldn't find his book owner so he stayed in this forest and decided to live there. Life was the same until one night, Zeon came and attacked Zatch! Zatch was badly wounded by the spell Zeon's book owner used. Instead of sending Zatch back to the demon world, he erased his memory just to give himself a laugh.

At first we don't know why Zeon hates Zatch, but later in episode 148 we find out that it has something to do with them being twin brothers and something about Zatch taking one of the spells from Zeon, possibly Bao Zakergua. Zeon first appears in episode 20, 21, and 42, and then later shows up in episodes 148, 149, and 150.

Zeon is Gash's twin from the mamodo world. While Gash is kind-hearted, Zeon is evil. Zeon hates his brother so much because Zatch inherited the Baou power from his father, the king and a thunder elementalist. Zeon, however, received nothing and therefore had to undergo really hard training.

Zeon's partner, Dufort, was like how Kiyo was in the beginning, and really would be meaningless if it wasn't for the fact that Zeon needed a partner to read his spells. Zeon's attacks are similar, but not exactly the same, like the spell Zatch has that shoots an electric dragon, Zeon has one that summons a wired five point object that shoots a beam of lightning the same size as the dragon.

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