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Character Profile: Fiona Elisi Linette

USA Info
Japanese Info
Elisi LinetteElisi LinetteFiona Elisi Linette (Zoids Chaotic Century)
Fiona Elisi LinetteFine Elisi Linette
About 13 years (part 1) (plus an unknown time in stasis)About 13 years (part 1) (plus an unknown time in stasis)
· · ·
About 17 years (part 2) (plus an unknown time in stasis)About 17 years (part 2) (plus an unknown time in stasis)
Ancient ZoidianAncient Zoidian
Carol Anne DayMakiko Ohmoto
Zoids Chaotic CenturyZoids
· · ·
Zoids Guardian ForceZoids Guardian Force

Character Description: Fiona Elisi Linette

When the young Van stumbled into the ruins and discovered the two sleeper pods, he was sure shocked to discover that the smaller of the two seemed to house a girl about his age.

She awoke with no knowledge of herself or her past. She was given the name Fiona, and everyone soon called her that. The one thing that drove her was something called "Zoid Eve", supposedly the source of all Zoids, and as Van travels, Fiona travels alongside in hopes of finding out about Zoid Eve and about herself.

Slowly, the memories came back to her. She naturally has a strong connection to Zeek, as they had been placed in stasis together, and though she doens't always understand how, she still retains her knowledge of the ancient Zoidian secrets (for example, she helped Zeek transform Van's Shield Liger into the Blade Liger). She eventually recalled her real name (Elisi Linette), but since everyone already called her Fiona, she decided not to make an issue of it and thus created her present-day name.

After the events of the first part of the series, Fiona traveled with Dr. D, still trying to learn about Zoid Eve and the fate of the rest of her race, but she rejoins Van and company early in part two as part of the Guardian Force, discovering to her surprise that more secrets were emerging now than before and that she is not the only Zoidian walking the planet.

To the dismay of poor Thomas, it's a poorly-kept secret that she and Van are rapidly becoming an item. Fiona has one other notable quirk...she loves salt!

Character Description: Fiona Elisi Linette

Fiona is a girl that is very cute, sometimes a little annoying, and very mysterious, although very intelligent and insightful. She emerged from a status pod that was linked to Zeke's pod shortly after Van freed Zeke. She has no memory of her past, how she came to be placed inside one of the remaining status pod. Fiona is partly on a mission to find her mysterious past with the help of Van, Zeke, Moonbay, and Irvine (later on). She has a power where she can telepathically communicate with organoids and other ancient Zoidians as such!

Fiona has a not-so-secret crush on Van.

These days (in Guardian Force) Fiona is working as a field research assistant for Dr.D. During their latest expedition, they were attacked by a Stealth Viper piloted by one of Hiltz's lackeys. Van rescues them and Fiona once again decides to travel with Van as they face a new menace to the security of Zi!

Again! Fiona has a not-so-secret crush on Van.

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