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Zoids: GenesisZoids: Genesis (ゾむドジェネシス)Zoids: Genesis
50 TV Episodes
April 10, 2005–March 26, 2006
VizShogakukan/TOMY/BS Japan/TV Tokyo
Kazunori Mizuno
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, MechaAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mecha
Zoids Chaotic Century (season 1)Zoids (season 1)
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Zoids Guardian Force (season 2)Zoids (season 2)
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Zoids New Century Zero (sequel)Zoids Shinseiki /0
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Zoids FuzorsZoids Fuzors
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Characters: Zoids: Genesis

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Captain Felme βŠ• Captain Felme βŠ• Ra-Kan βŠ• Ra-Kan βŠ•
Danbul βŠ• Danbul βŠ• Rei Mii βŠ• Rei Mii βŠ•
Garaga βŠ• Garaga βŠ• Ron Mangan βŠ• Ron Mangan βŠ•
Genral Jiin βŠ• Genral Jiin βŠ• Ruji Familon βŠ• Ruji Familon βŠ•
Georg βŠ• Georg βŠ• Souta βŠ• Souta βŠ•
Kotona Elegance βŠ• Kotona Elegance βŠ• TizeSeijuurou βŠ• TizeSeijuurou βŠ•
Major Zairin βŠ• Major Zairin βŠ•

Description: Zoids: Genesis

In this fifth installment of the Zoids series, Genesis takes place in a post-apocalyptic period on Planet Zi. Much of humanity is rebuilding and recovering from the Great Flood, a series of cataclysmic ecological/geological disasters that have devastated the planet. Much of Zi's inhabitants have become reliant on giant structures known as Generators to help preserve civilization. Out of the ashes of this disasters, the Zoids still exist and are excavated for use of the people.

The story focuses on a boy named Ruuji, who lives in the seaside village of Mirodo. He discovers the Murasame Liger after it's excavated and eventually becomes the Zoids pilot. However, his village is attacked by a mysterious enemy, and their target is the Generators. He will soon gain many allies and fight against the corrupt army of the Digald.

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