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Character Profile: Irvine

USA Info
Japanese Info
Irvine Irvain Irvine (Zoids Chaotic Century)
Human Human
Male Male
18 years 18 years
Brown Brown
Dark brown Dark brown
Pilot of command wolf Pilot of command wolf
"I intend to take Zeke from you one day"  
Mark Gatha  
Zoids Chaotic Century Zoids
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Zoids Guardian Force Zoids Guardian Force

Character Description: Irvine

Irvine is a mercenary who does what he wants when he wants. He has the classic "I don’t care" and "get out of my way" attitude you would expect from a mercenary.

When Van and Irvine first meet, all Irvine could think about is how to get the organoid Zeke for himself. Irvine feels that Van it too immature to fully realized Zeke's abilities. He taunts Van every once and a while about this throughout the whole series, but underneath all his macho attitude, he is has some decency and manners left.

Whenever Van and the group get in trouble, you can bet that he will help out in anyway he can. Every once in a while he actually shows his soft side to Moonbay and Fiona, and even to Van on occasion. Perhaps it's because Van reminds him of himself at that age. He has a thing for Moonbay, but refuses to admit it.

Irvine is also one of the best pilots around. He pilots a custom Command Wolf that can hold its own against any Zoid. He also got a chance to pilot the mighty Gojulas in the battle with the Deathsaurer. He actually did pretty well before his Zoid was destroyed.

The eye patch he wears is only there to help enhance his own eyesight. With that eye patch, he can see farther than most can with the naked eye. It is also a mini camera that helps out on occasion.

He had a younger sister named Elena, but she died of a fever.

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