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Character Profile: Karl Lichen Schubaltz

USA Info
Japanese Info
Karl Lichen Schubaltz Karl Lichen Schubaltz Karl Lichen Schubaltz (Zoids Chaotic Century)
· · ·
Karl Lichen Shubaltz(alternate spelling) Karl Lichen Schwarz(alternate spelling)
Major Shubaltz Major Shubaltz
· · ·
Colonel Shubaltz Colonel Shubaltz
White White
Male Male
23 years old 23 years old
Blonde Blonde
Green Green
6'0" 183 cm
Imperial Army Major Imperial Army Major
Episode 7, Battle of Red River Episode 7, Battle of Red River
Zoids Chaotic Century Zoids (season 1)
· · ·
Zoids Guardian Force Zoids (season 2)

Character Description: Karl Lichen Schubaltz

Major Shubaltz first appeared at Red River as commander of the front lines of battle in the area. Compared to most of the Imperial officers he questioned Prozen while others just followed his commands. He is greatly respected by his soldiers and is very wise when it comes to battle. After Red River and the attack on New Hellic City by using his forces as a distraction to allow a floating base to float closer to the city he stayed quiet in the series.

A little while later he is seen helping out in field testing the Imperial Armies new Black Redlers. It was then that he saw Van and friends again with Prince Rudolph. At first he was told that the Rudolph was an impostor but when a communication channel was open he knew right away he wasn't an impostor. Shubaltz protested against the base commanders orders saying that is Prince Rudolph but he said it didn't matter, and that nothing shall stand in the way of Prozen's coronation. Shubaltz managed to break free and activate the base destruct so Van and Rudolph could escape.

During Prozen's coronation, when he reveals the Deathsaurer and its destructive power and his true ambitions, he comes forward in his Iron Kong and with a battalion of soldiers in Dark Horns he gathered to rebel against Prozen. Fighting along side the Republican Army, he also sacrifices he zoid's arm to stop the deathsaurer's movement for Van to destroy it. Afterwords he is seen being passed by Rudolph as he about to be crowned the new emperor.

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