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Character Profile: Moonbay

USA Info
Japanese Info
Moonbay Moonbae Moonbay (Zoids Chaotic Century)
Human Human
Female Female
Around 15-17 Around 15-17
Dark brown Dark brown
Brown Brown
Zoid Pilot(Gustav) Zoid Pilot(Gustav)
Onalea Gilbertson  
Zoids Chaotic Century Zoids
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Zoids Guardian Force Zoids Guardian Force

Character Description: Moonbay

Moonbay is probably the most free spirited person throughout the series. She speaks her mind both verbally and physically. When we first meet MoonBay, she is crossing the desert with her Gustav transporting some items. It turns out later that these are actually weapons for the Empire. This is how she meets up with Van and Fiona. At first you might get the impression that she works for the Empire, but the truth is she does whatever pays the most, whether it is for the Republic or Empire.

While she may be a gold digger at times, she is actually a kind and honorable person to have around. Moonbay is very experienced with mechanics and helps Van and Irvine repair their Zoids from their daily battles. She is also a great cook and knows how to handle money wisely. Kind of ironic, isn't it?

Moonbay is very independent and acts as such, but when times are tough she helps out any way she can. She also has a thing for Irvine, but she refuses to admit it. Between all their bickering and arguments, who can tell. It is also stated early on that both her and Irvine have known each other for a while.

Character Description: Moonbay

Moonbay is a transporter, piloting a Gustav as her Zoid. She meets Van and Fiona when Van's Shield Liger is damaged and they have to take a break. After a slight delay from the Imperial Army, Moonbay fixes the Sheild Liger to where it can heal it's wound by itself. She joins them after that.

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