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Van FlyheightBan FlyheightVan Flyheight (Zoids Chaotic Century)
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Van Freiheit (alternate spelling)Ban Freiheit (alternate spelling)
14 years old (in Chaotic Century), 17 years old (in Guardian Force) (source: episode 2)14 years old (in Chaotic Century), 17 years old (in Guardian Force) (source: episode 2)
Pilot of Shield Liger/Blade LigerPilot of Shield Liger/Blade Liger
"It's showtime!"
Matthew EriksonDaisuke Kishio
Zoids Chaotic CenturyZoids
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Zoids Guardian ForceZoids Guardian Force

Character Description: Van Flyheight

Until Van's village was attacked by bandits, Van was just a normal boy. But then he left, and when he came across a cave, he decided to check it out. What he found was a Dinosaur-like creature in a capsule. He opened it, and the creature's eyes flashed red. It seemed as if it was going to attack, but it didn't. Instead, the creature stopped and smelled Van.

Van called the creature Zeek, and when he saw another capsule, he said "it must be your sister". Zeek nodded, and Van open the capsule. But it wasn't a Zoid, it was a girl. She look around, confused, and said "where am I?" Van looked at her, introduced himself, and asked her name. She didn't know, so Van decided to call her Fiona.

Van then saw a blue lion Zoid that looked trashed. Van expressed that he wished he had one of those to beat the bandits, and when he sighed, Zeek looked at Van, ran over to the Zoid, and flew up inside it. And then the Zoid looked brand new! Van and Fiona got in, and they went to take on the bandits.

Character Description: Van Flyheight

Van is our protagonist; the central character. He was born and raised on Planet Zi and he loves Zoids. He wants to become a great Zoid pilot just like his dad. In the ruins near his hometown, he discovers an organoid whom he names Zeke. Zeke resurrects a Shield Liger and together with a girl, Fiona, he sets off on an adventure.

Van makes many friends along his journey. Moonbay, Irvine, and Dr. D, to name just a few. But the reason why Van attracts so many people towards him is because he's a good person and cares for his friends. Fiona puts it in a different way: "Somehow you manage to give hope to everyone around you. And everyone responds with the best that they can give. That's why you're strong. And that's why you won't lose."

But above all else, Van loves fighting in Zoid battles. He fights anybody and everybody that presents him with a challenge. And he always has Zeke fight by his side. (Well, sort of. Actually, Zeke merges with the Zoid.) Van puts it like this, "My organoid and I are equal partners. We depend on one another."

And last but most importantly: Van loves papayas. And eating.

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