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Anime Profile: Bible Black

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bible BlackBible Black (バむブルブラック)Bible Black
· · ·
Bible Black: Night of the WalpulgissBible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (バむブルブラック: La Noche de Walpurgis)
· · ·
Bible Black: OriginsBible Black: Gaiden (バむブルブラック 倖伝)
· · ·
Bible Black: New TestamentNew Bible Black (新・バむブルブラック)
· · ·
Bible Black OnlyBible Black Only (kana:Bible Black γ‚ͺンγƒͺγƒΌη‰ˆ)
6 OVA episodes (Bible Black: Night of the Walpulgiss)6 OVA episodes (Bible Black: Night of the Walpulgiss)
· · ·
2 OVA episodes (Bible Black Origins)2 OVA episodes (Bible Black Origins)
· · ·
6 OVA episodes (New Bible Black)6 OVA episodes (New Bible Black)
· · ·
2 OVA episodes (Bible Black Only)2 OVA episodes (Bible Black Only)
March 26, 20022001
Kitty MediaMilky Animation Label/ActiveSoft
Sho Hanebu, Kazuyuki Honda (episode 2), Hamuo (episodes 3 and 4)
Drama, Hentai, Horror, ParanormalDrama, Hentai, Horror, Paranormal
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Characters: Bible Black

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Imari Kurumi βŠ• Imari Kurumi βŠ• Minase Yumiko βŠ• Minase Yumiko βŠ•
Itoh Mika βŠ• Itoh Mika βŠ• Murai Ayumi βŠ• Murai Ayumi βŠ•
Kitami Reika βŠ• Kitami Reika βŠ• Nonogusa Miyuki βŠ• Nonogusa Miyuki βŠ•
Kobayashi Shinobu βŠ• Kobayashi Shinobu βŠ• Saeki Kaori βŠ• Saeki Kaori βŠ•
Mikimoto βŠ• Mikimoto βŠ• Shiraki Rika βŠ• Shiraki Rika βŠ•
Minase Taki βŠ• Minase Taki βŠ• Takashiro Hiroko βŠ• Takashiro Hiroko βŠ•

Description: Bible Black

Bible Black Twelve years ago, five female students were found murdered in a basement at their school. All of them were involved in a satanic ritual which involved human sacrifice... but something had gone wrong and all of them died... or did they?

Now twelve years later, Minase Taki had found a mysterious book, and uses it to unleash sexual spells on the female members of the school. But soon, he finds out that he has unleashed a can of worms which may involve the one person he truly loves.

And all the while, the school nurse Kitami Reika is busy seducing female students... especially because she was the sole survivor of the massacre that had happened twelve years before. You see, she had sold her soul to the devil in order to save her life, and in the process gain powers beyond imagination. Now payment is due, but Kitami has other plans in mind... namely cheating the devil out of his due!

Bible Black vol. 1 DVD cover Bible Black vol. 2 DVD cover Bible Black vol. 3 DVD cover Bible Black Bible Black Bible Black Bible Black Bible Black Bible Black Bible Black Bible Black Bible Black Bible Black Bible Black

Image Gallery: Bible Black Episode 1

Image Gallery: Bible Black Episode 2

Image Gallery: Bible Black Episode 3

Image Gallery: Bible Black Episode 4

Image Gallery: Bible Black Episode 5

Image Gallery: Bible Black Episode 6

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