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Anime Profile: F3: Menage a Trois

USA Info
Japanese Info
F3: Menage a Trois Nageki no Kenko Yuryoji(The Lament of an Otherwise Healthy Girl)(嘆きの健康優良児) F3: Menage a Trois
· · ·
F3: Frantic, Frustrated, Female  
3 OVA episodes 3 OVA episodes
2000 1994
Soft Cel Pictures(original licencee), Critical Mass(current licencee) AIC/Pink Pineapple
  Kouji Hamaguchi
  Masakasu Akan
Comedy, Hentai Comedy, Hentai
Hiroe Ogawa Hiroe Ogawa
· · ·
Mayuka Ogawa Mayuka Ogawa
· · ·
Sumio Sumio
· · ·
Yayoi Yayoi

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at The Right Stuf, and on VHS at Amazon.

Anime Description: F3: Menage a Trois

Hiroe Ogawa is a practically normal, healthy girl, but she has one particular problem that is putting a crimp on her sex life, and it's making her frantic and frustrated (hence, the title). And it doesn't help when her sister and others try to help her overcome this problem, which includes a lot of lesbian loving. How in the world is this girl going to cope?

Note: Episode one is the only one that has an English dub. The last two have only the original Japanese dialogue.

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