What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...


re: What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...

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How dare they replace Yu-Gi-Oh with some dumb Yu-Gi-Oh
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re: What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...

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wait of YGO or YGO GX? :-k
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re: What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...

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Oh.Its Yu-Gi-Oh.

re: What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...

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Need help w/ names.
Angry: None, really.
Laugh: Paradox brothers episodes.
Cry: Hard 1. Most of the 3rd season.
Think: Another hard 1. Again, most of the 3rd season. Also, Pegasus vs. Yami & Yugi duel.
Cringe: Almost every Weevil episode.
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Re: What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...

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^Growl. D= Poor Weevil.

I'm going to do this for YGO GX.

Angry- Manjoume and his duel against his Brother. D=<
His brother was such a huge jerk; putting all that pressure on poor Jun.

Laugh- Manjoume and his love duel against Asuka xD
The whole ordeal always makes me smile =3

Cry- Johan using the Rainbow Dragon to transport Duel Academy - but remains behind. Judai's reaction made me really upset D=
Well not cry, just feel very, very sad.

Think- Episode 122, Third Season - when a bunch of students became Zombies.
I don't know, this just puzzled me. It was funny seeing 4kids try and handle the situation xD

Cringe- Pretty much the first five episodes.
They were bad enough to make anyone hate them xD
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Re: What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...

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Mad- like the other before it was when yami use the seal i was pissed off that he would do that
laugh- when the yugi, tea, bakura, and tristan are running from the boulder
cry- there was three episodes that made me do that 1: when yugi's soul was capture, 2: when dartz was trying to make yami surrender because he was all alone, and 3: the very last episode
think-the episode where yami faced yugi after the seal took him away and he at first went right threw him but then at the end of the episode he was able to hold him how is that?
cringe-any episode that has rebecca or vivian in it and kinda the date episode too
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Re: What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...

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just to say i don't remember the seasons or episode numbers, so yea

Angry: I would say...... all the times that Kiba was a XP to Yugi or Yami for no freakin reason!

Laugh: The episode when Yami when on a date with Tae, "Yugi this isn't a duel! You can't just......Hi" lolz!

Sad: Um, the one episode were the evil Marik tried to get rid of his good side. :cry: it was so unfair!

Think: I don't really think I had one.....I guess they all kinda made me think a little..

Cringe: The episode where Bakura went all evil and attacked the kids in the cemetery...that was just scary.

Thats it...... :o
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Re: What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...

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its the one that Joey went in the shadow room with Maya and that made me upset and sad
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Re: What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...

Post by Starkiller »

Impressed: (Season 4 - Waking the Dragons) What impresses me is that the Seal of Orichalcos seems to be the strongest card; combined with the 2 other Orichalcos cards: Tritos and Deuteros, in all of duel monsters :o (could be why the TCG hasn't released it).

Embarrassed and Heart Broken: (Season 2; Episode 89 - Awakening of Evil & Episode 80 - Lights, Camera, Duel) The only thing that embarrasses me in Yu-Gi-Oh! is when Joey keeps turning Mai down :oops: . Also, when he told her that she wasn't in his dream; this was after he and Odion got knocked out cold.

Laughed: The only characters that made me laugh alot are Joey and Tristan, especially when they like go at each other sometimes. Also, I it made me laugh when Joey was called the underdog :D .

Concerned: The only character that concerned me throughout the entire original series is Kaiba and cares only on his company and his brother, Mokuba. I haven't often seen him act kind to Yugi and his friends.

Angry: It upsetted me when Duke thought Yugi defeated Pegasus by cheating him and tries to humiliate him in front of TV.
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Re: What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! really made you...

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^.\\ This is difficult...they were all so good,Yu-Gi-Oh! I mean,not Gx.~.\\ That got on my nerves.
>.\\ I dislike 5D's too.I guess it's just because the original was so good and who wants to watch someonuel like them anyway?...Besides....O.\\ I really wanna see Yugi ride a motorcycle.

Angry: Hmmm...When Kaiba took all of Yugi's star chips so he couldn't save his Grandpa!I hated him so much...I didn't really like him to start with and he just made it worse!XD

Laugh: ^.\\ That one's easy.When Yugi switched places with Yami when Yugi was suppose to go on a "date" with Tea,it was to funny~!He was funny that entire episode because he had never done any of the things normal teens did XD~!

Cry: T.\\ Wah~!When Theif Bakura was killed!He had sucha horrible past~!He didn't really diserve to get killed even though he did horrid things.

Think: Hmm...I dunno about this one.It might be the first Dungeon Dice Moster Duel with Duke.I guess it was becasue it wasn't the card game and they changed it so suddenly I had to try and keep up.

Cringe: I think it was when Tea almost fell of that tower when they were trying to dig up clues on how Kaiba lost to Pegasus...O.\\ I was hoping she'd slip.~.\\ Tea lovers don't flame I loved her to up until about the 3rd season...then she just got on my nerves~!She annoyed me with her whole friendship thing.Every...Episode....~.\\ It's important and we love it...but I'm afriad your leaking it out like a hose sorta thing ya know?^.\\ Although,Mai has to be my fave female.
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