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Anime Profile: Hardcore Hospital

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hardcore HospitalShiroki Tenshitachi No Rondo (白き天使達の輪舞) ("Ring of White Angels")Hardcore Hospital
· · ·
Ring of White Angels
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
August 26, 2005
Critical Mass
Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
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Hiroshi Murakami ⊕ Hiroshi Murakami ⊕
· · ·
Minako Kisaragi ⊕ Minako Kisaragi ⊕
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Mou Fujimiya ⊕ Mou Fujimiya ⊕
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Characters: Hardcore Hospital

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Hiroshi Murakami ⊕ Hiroshi Murakami ⊕ Ryuichi Date ⊕ Ryuichi Date ⊕
Minako Kisaragi ⊕ Minako Kisaragi ⊕ Saeko Morishita ⊕ Saeko Morishita ⊕
Mou Fujimiya ⊕ Mou Fujimiya ⊕ Sayaka Ogata ⊕ Sayaka Ogata ⊕
Rei Sakaki ⊕ Rei Sakaki ⊕

Description: Hardcore Hospital

This is kind of a difficult anime to summarize, seeing how there is no real story... but alas, I'll give it a shot. Okay, so obviously from the title we know this takes place in a hospital. This hospital is called Date General Hospital, and is ran by the handsome, charismatic doctor Ryuichi Date. As you might expect, Director Date selects and trains nurses to be "special nurses" that cater to the patients' every sexual need. And that's about the whole plot. There's also something involving a home-made pharmaceutical drug that enhances sexual pleasure when applied to the skin, but that's never really delved into other than them saying it exists and using it.

Hardcore Hospital When we start the story, we see one of Dr. Date's special nurses, a lovely, busty green-haired woman named Saeko Morishita, demonstrating her training on Mou Fujimiya, some rich guy who gives funding to Dr. Date... but then he's not seen again. And everything after that is pretty much just sex. You know how most video games have a few cut-scenes between the action? Well, that's pretty much what this has, a few scenes in between the sex scenes that are there not to move any kind of story along, but to segue into another sex scene. Of course, that isn't necessarily a bad thing... after all, it means you won't be needing to fast forward very often, if you know what I mean...

Hardcore Hospital Okay, so since there's nothing else to summarize, then... uh... well, lets see what sex scenes there are. I already mentioned the one with Saeko and Mr. Fujimiya. Doctor Date and Rei Sakaki, his sexy blonde assistant (or partner, I'm not sure which), stand by watching that happen, and Rei even joins a little... but just a little. Then Date and Rei go at it in his office. Then we get a short scene where Dr. Date performs an emergency operation on someone who was just in a car accident. One of the new nurses, Sayaka, seems to recognize the guy, and Date sees an opportunity... yeah, like he needs one. Even though Matsuhiko is stable, Date convinces Sayaka that the only possible way to save the leg of Matsuhiko, who is Sayaka's boyfriend, is for he, himself to operate, instead of the doctors who are supposed to take care of him. Of course, he'll only do this if she agrees to become a special nurse.

Hardcore Hospital Okay, so there's that scene with Dr. Date and Sayaka, then there's a scene with Dr. Date and Saeko, and then a scene with Dr. Date, Saeko, and Sayaka. And that ends the first episode. The second episode starts off introducing us to a new nurse, Minako Kisaragi, a very, very busty blue-haired widow. For some reason, they misspelled her name on the credits as Miyako. Anyway, she's so busty that her breasts actually force her shirt to pop open when she's being introduced to Sayaka and Saeko... and their both impressed. Then were treated to another sex scene with Dr. Date and Rei, but this time it's outside, first up against a chain link fence and then on the ground. During this, Dr. Date starts fantasizing about Minako, first about what she does when she's alone, and then what it would be like if he was doing her right now. It' actually kind of cool to see Rei morphing into Minako, and then morphing back into Rei.

Hardcore Hospital Next, the nurses visit what looks to be the children's ward, cause the boys all appear to be like around 15 or 16 years old... or course, this is America, so their obviously 18 years old and just haven't hit puberty full force yet. That's not to say that haven't hit it at all, though, since when the nurses walk by and bend over wearing their tight short-skirted uniforms, we do find them the boys blushing and... uh... pitching tents. One of them even gets some action, but that's after another scene with Dr. Date and Sayaka... oh yeah, and a scene with Minako by her lonesome, being watched by Dr. Date before he decides to join in. So who does the boy get? Minako... in a threesome with Dr. Date... which is before Sayaka decides to join in and take over for Dr. Date... and then all four of just go at it... hm, I think I've said enough.

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