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Anime Profile: The Story of Little Monica

USA Info
Japanese Info
The Story of Little MonicaLittle Monica Story (γƒͺγƒˆγƒ«γƒ’γƒ‹γ‚«η‰©θͺž) (Ritoru Monika Monogatari)The Story of Little Monica
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Little Monica
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
May 31, 2005April 5, 2002
Critical MassDigital Works, Y.O.U.C.
Rune Soft
Comedy, Hentai, RomanceComedy, Hentai, Romance
Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
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Celia βŠ• Celia βŠ•
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Chateau/Meow βŠ• Chateau/Meow βŠ•
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Kajo βŠ• Kajo βŠ•
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Characters: The Story of Little Monica

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Celia βŠ• Celia βŠ• Mei βŠ• Mei βŠ•
Chateau/Meow βŠ• Chateau/Meow βŠ• Nun βŠ• --?--
Kajo βŠ• Kajo βŠ• Tina βŠ• Tina βŠ•
Little Monica βŠ• Little Monica βŠ• Will βŠ• Will βŠ•

Description: The Story of Little Monica

The Story of Little Monica Will is a young man, about college age, who we find returning to his home town of Little Monica after having been away for quite some time while he partook in his studies and attempted to become a worldly man. Along the way, he meets a sexy young woman named Meow who is also traveling to Little Monica. She is dressed in an erotic skin-tight cat outfit, complete with tail. She tells Will that she is a performer making her way to Little Monica to put on a show at some exclusive club, and Will is excited to hear it. Will thinks back to the town he loved, how full of artistic expression it was, and specifically how much he loved the performances that were showcased in the exclusive amphitheater she mentioned. So Will decides to check out the show before heading over to meet his old "girlfriend".

The Story of Little Monica As he waits in the dark room with all the other patrons for the show to begin, he immediately notices something different about the place. Instead of smelling all elegant from all the lords and ladies dressed up nice to take in a lovely, cultured evening show, the room was ripe with a stench like that from a crowd of fat, sweaty men. Then the stage lights flick on, and reveal the lovely Meow, still dressed in her skin-tight kitty outfit... though not for long. The realization that Ms. Meow is actually putting on a strip show quickly overwhelms our young, homesick boy, though that doesn't stop him from watching, of course! And it's a good thing too, because then he might have missed out on the second part of the show....

The Story of Little Monica Once the stripping portion was over and Meow was completely bare, she then moved on to the next part of her routine: selecting one of the men from her captive audience to come up on stage, get naked, and have sex with her right then and there! Hmm, I wonder who she'll pick... fat, sweaty guy number one? No... old, sweaty guy number two? No... handsome, young Will? Bingo! At first he's nervous about doing this in front of a whole group of horny guys, but one whisper from Meow about how she'll make him forget all about them hits the mark and they start going at it without regard to anyone else. And apparently Will is "the man", because when it's over she lets him know that this was the first time she ever had a real orgasm up on stage. You go, Will!

The Story of Little Monica Will's next stop is to find his old friend, Celia. He reaches the house, and her two sisters, Tina and Mei, answer the door, though it's not long before Celia herself arrives home. Each of them has grown into beautiful young women, and they're all very happy to see that Will has returned. They invite him to stay with them while he learns about what kind of place their town has become in his absence. Oh, and they also introduce him to some weird floating puff-ball creature that apparently just showed up one day. They don't know where it came from or why it showed up, and it really doesn't even seem to serve any purpose, at least until this one day when Will, Celia, and her sisters were all sitting around and Kajo burst through the door!

The Story of Little Monica Kajo is the evil man who runs the town nowadays. He removed all culture from the once elegant city, and replaced it with debauchery. He also banned all music for some odd reason, except for during the strip shows for which the announcer was able to convince him that she show would be no good without it. So now Kajo and his two henchmen make a surprise entry into Celia's house and demands that all three of the girls get naked at once! Will tries to fight them off, to no avail. The floating blob, however, begins to play a tune on its violin, which seems to cause Kajo to become instantly ill. Not being able to stand it, Kajo takes his leave, and has his henchmen follow, while Will and the girls are left wondering what the heck that was all about.

The Story of Little Monica Soon another plot starts to develop, which has something to do with the spirit of Little Monica, the woman for whom the town was named after, hiding in someone's body, and a prophecy about obtaining complete control of the city which Kajo is after. It all seems to make sense when your watching it, but mostly I think you'll just be focusing on all the sex scenes, which are extremely well done. This is a very light hearted title, with all the sex being consensual and enjoyed. A lot of pastels are used, which fit the tone nicely. The character designs are also well done and properly proportioned. If you're new to the hentai genre, this would be an excellent film to start with, and if you're not new to the genre, this would still make an excellent addition to your collection. Very highly recommended!

Description: The Story of Little Monica

Orphaned thirteen years ago, young Will is returning to his hometown of Little Monica, where he hope to bring what he learned from his studies abroad. In Will's memory, Little Monica was a happy town, a cultural center that was brimming with music and smiles.

But when Will returned, he is shocked that the town, which was now run by a sleazy, music-hating dirtbag named Kajo, had degenerated into a sad place, where the former concert hall had been turned into a strip joint. Can Will... with a little help from a sexy stripper whose heart he stolen... save Little Monica and turn it back into the happy place it was?

Image Gallery: The Story of Little Monica

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