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Anime Profile: Maid Service

USA Info
Japanese Info
Maid ServiceMeido no Yakata Zetsubou-hen (メイドの館 絶望編 上・下巻) ("Mansion Maid Chapter of Despair")Maid Service
· · ·
Mansion Maid Chapter of Despair
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
August 30, 2005
Critical Mass
Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
· · ·
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Akiyoshi (Momoko's male friend) ⊕
· · ·
Chika (needs money to help her parents' business) ⊕
· · ·
Lulu (in love with Takaaki) ⊕
· · ·
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Characters: Maid Service

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akiyoshi (Momoko's male friend) ⊕ --?-- Momoko ⊕ --?--
Chika (needs money to help her parents' business) ⊕ --?-- Takaaki ⊕ --?--
Lulu (in love with Takaaki) ⊕ --?-- Yurika (Momoko's blue haired friend) ⊕ --?--
Mana (student body president) ⊕ --?--

Description: Maid Service

Talk about one unlucky gal, Momoko just can't catch a break! First, her father dies and untimely death. Then, her mother literally works herself to death in order to pay for Momoko's tuition. And after her mother passes, Momoko no longer has any way to pay for her tuition, other than possibly selling her most treasured possession, the late mother's ring, a family heirloom. Surprisingly, a fellow student named Takaaki steps in at just the right time, and makes her an offer she can't refuse. He will pay for her tuition and all of her expenses if she agrees to be his live-in maid. So she can continue her schooling which her mother worked so hard to allow, she gets a free place to stay, she doesn't have to give up her ring, and all she has to do is a little housework. Yeah, right.

Maid Service So just when Momoko thinks things are starting to look up, she discovers that her maid duties include more than just cleaning up... if you know what I mean (and if you've ever watched any Vanilla Series hentai, then I'm sure you do). So Momoko finds herself trapped into being a sex slave for the twisted Takaaki, catering to his every carnal desire. And if that wasn't bad enough, she also finds herself being accosted by a couple guys at school under the orders of a fellow female student named Lulu. The reason? Well, Lulu just happens to find herself in love with Takaaki, and is jealous that Momoko gets to spend so much time with him! Man, could things possibly get any worse little Miss Maid Momoko? Yes, yes they could.

Maid Service But before things get worse for Momoko, they get worse for two other female students, Mana, the student body president whom Takaaki caught shoplifting, and Chika, a fellow student who requires financial assistance to help keep her parents' business afloat. The two lovely ladies just became the newest members of Takaaki's maid staff. Now Momoko must choose which one Takaaki will train first. And her decision is... the beautiful student body president, Mana. For her training, Takaaki decides to try out a little bondage... and to everyone's surprise, she likes it! Though I don't think anyone was more surprised that Mana herself. Chika's turn will have to wait until later that night, when Takaaki has trouble getting to sleep.

Maid Service In the second volume, Takaaki tries his had at erotic asphyxiation, but is ultimately disappointed when Momoko looses consciousness too quickly. He then decides to hold a contest, whereby Momoko and Chika must pleasure each other, and whoever has an orgasm first loses their dinner for the night. As expected, the more experienced Momoko triumphs, and is treated to a reward... Takaaki-style. And just when you thought they wouldn't introduce any new characters for Takaaki to play with, in walks Lulu, who begs Takaaki to let her be one of his maids. Hey, the more the merrier! So I guess it makes sense that he would invite Momoko's best friend, Yurika, over for dinner.

Maid Service When Yurika arrives at the door, Momoko is shocked to see her, and quickly tries to convince her to leave. But alas, we all know that doesn't happen. The next thing we know, Yurika is tied up by her arms while Chika goes to work on her. And as if seeing her best friend at the mercy of Takaaki wasn't enough, in comes Akiyoshi, another of Momoko's friends. He has always been kind and polite to her, treating her with respect, and saving her on occasion from Lulu's hoodlum's. Unfortunately for Akiyoshi, his parents are also in debt, and so in he's brought, by Lulu, to do whatever Takaaki wishes... and Takaaki wishes him to take Yurika, while Momoko watches. And so I say again, can't this girl catch a break?!

Maid Service Ah, but then a strange thing happens. The next day at school, Lulu meets with Momoko to make her a proposition... stop being Takaaki's maid, leave his house, and her parents will pay for all of her tuition and expenses. Momoko is shocked to here this, but then tells her about the ring, the ring that Takaaki now has. So when Lulu assures Momoko that she can get the ring back, she is stunned by Momoko's silence. For it seems that somehow, in some way, Momoko has become fond of her current life, addicted to the pleasures that Takaaki provides her. It is a shocking realization, and one that Lulu absolutely does not want to hear. So if Momoko won't leave on her own free will, then Lulu's going to take matters into her own hands!

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