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Anime Profile: Manyuu Hikenchou

USA Info
Japanese Info
Manyuu HikenchouManyuu Hikenchou (ι­”δΉ³η§˜ε‰£εΈ–)Manyuu Hikenchou
12 TV episodes
Hoods Entertainment, TV Tokyo, Lantis, Enterbrain, Memory-Tech, Happinet Pictures
Hiraku Kaneko
Action, Comedy, EcchiAction, Comedy, Ecchi
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Chifusa ManyuuChifusa Manyuu
· · ·
Kagefusa ManyuuKagefusa Manyuu
· · ·
Chichi βŠ• Chichi βŠ•
· · ·
Hatomune Mie βŠ• Hatomune Mie βŠ•
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Kaede βŠ• Kaede βŠ•
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Characters: Manyuu Hikenchou

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chifusa Manyuu Chifusa Manyuu Kyouka Manyuu βŠ• Kyouka Manyuu βŠ•
Kagefusa Manyuu Kagefusa Manyuu Oiso βŠ• Oiso βŠ•
Chichi βŠ• Chichi βŠ• Okami βŠ• Okami βŠ•
Hatomune Mie βŠ• Hatomune Mie βŠ• Ouka Sayama βŠ• Ouka Sayama βŠ•
Kaede βŠ• Kaede βŠ• Toyo βŠ• Toyo βŠ•

Description: Manyuu Hikenchou

Manyuu Hikenchou takes place in an alternate version of Japan's Edo period where large breasts are worshiped and having flat chest makes you less than human in the eyes of most. Over the years, certain families have been able to develop secret techniques to help increase the bust lines of their women, giving them high status among the people along with wealth and influence. Once such clan is the Manyuu.

The Manyuu clan's successor is a highly skilled kunoichi (female ninja), Chifusa, though she hates the way everyone is obsessed with large breasts and refuses to be a part of it. She leaves, taking the sacred scroll which details a technique for stealing breast size, meaning the technique can not only shrink an opponent's breasts but then increase the user's own breast size by the same amount.

Now Chifusa must travel the land with her loyal companion, Kaede, avoiding the assassination attempts of her old clan while attempting to find the secret to increasing the breast size of other women in order to make everyone equal. Can she do it?

This anime has a lot more nudity than most ecchi shows, having no problems frequently showing bare breasts and how they move in various circumstances such as when washing them, bouncing them, or swinging them around as a distraction. I'm amazed this was ever able to air on television, though I did read that it was heavily censored for most broadcasts.

Episode 1

Manyuu Hikenchou Manyuu Hikenchou Manyuu Hikenchou Manyuu Hikenchou Manyuu Hikenchou Manyuu Hikenchou Manyuu Hikenchou Manyuu Hikenchou Manyuu Hikenchou Manyuu Hikenchou Manyuu Hikenchou

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