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Anime Profile: New Angel

USA Info
Japanese Info
New Angel Shin Angel New Angel
1994 1994
SoftCel Pictures  
  Hiromitsu Oota
Drama, Hentai Drama, Hentai
Akira Akira
· · ·
Keisuke Keisuke
· · ·
Shizuka Shizuka

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Description: New Angel

Shizuka only had a week before her family had to move. It was a difficult time for her, yet in that week she met a boy named Kosuke who befriended her. Twelve years later, the 17 year old Shizuka returns to Tokyo in order to find Kosuke.

What she find is that Kosuke is now a terrible lecher. But still, she holds out hope that he can solidify the flashes of decency that he shows (when he isn't getting it on with other girls in a variety of bizarre and comical situations), and commit himself to her. Episodes 2-4 of New Angel are possibly the most explicit non-violent hentai ever released here. Based on the controversial manga by U-Jin.

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