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Anime Profile: Night Shift Nurses

USA Info
Japanese Info
Night Shift NursesYakin Byoutou (ε€œε‹€η—…ζ£Ÿ)Night Shift Nurses
3 OVA episodes3 OVA episodes
2002, 2005 (re-release)2000
Anime 18Discovery/AT-2 Project
Nao Okezawa
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Ako Fujisawa βŠ• Ako Fujisawa βŠ•
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Congressman βŠ•
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Dr. Ryuji Hirasaka βŠ• Dr. Ryuji Hirasaka βŠ•
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Karumi Jinguji βŠ• Karumi Jinguji βŠ•
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Naoya Ohkawa βŠ• Naoya Ohkawa βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Characters: Night Shift Nurses

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ako Fujisawa βŠ• Ako Fujisawa βŠ• Naoya Ohkawa βŠ• Naoya Ohkawa βŠ•
Congressman βŠ• --?-- Narumi Jinguji βŠ• Narumi Jinguji βŠ•
Dr. Ryuji Hirasaka βŠ• Dr. Ryuji Hirasaka βŠ• Remi Shinjyo βŠ• Remi Shinjyo βŠ•
Karumi Jinguji βŠ• Karumi Jinguji βŠ• Ren Nanase βŠ• Ren Nanase βŠ•

Description: Night Shift Nurses

Night Shift Nurses Narumi Jinguji is the chief of medicine at a respectable hospital, and things are going well. But Narumi has a plan to make things even better... at least, for herself. She has decided to open a new ward in a building disconnected from the hospital, a ward in which the nurses will cater to the patients' each and every desire... and I mean every desire! But in order for this dream to come to fruition, she'll need nurses that are willing to take on these special tasks. Of course, those kind of nurses are definitely not easy to come by. So since "Willing Sex Slave" is not a part of the standard employment application, she decides to enlist an old acquaintance from 10 years ago to help her out, a one Dr. Ryuji Hirasaka.

Night Shift Nurses Dr. Hirasaka is a gynecologist, but hasn't been practicing in 10 years, so when he receives an offer for a month-long contract at the hospital, he doesn't ask any questions. We're not sure why he hasn't worked for so long, but were given glimpses into some kind of "experiment" he was supposedly doing at the hospital with a busty, naked, green-haired woman. Anyway, as he arrives, he spies a young nurse outside picking flowers. His imagination begins to run wild with fantasies, until she snaps him out of it by speaking to him. It turns out she works in the gynecology department... lucky him!

Night Shift Nurses Soon afterward, Dr. Hirasaka heads up to meet his boss. As he enters the chief's office, he is shocked and speechless to see Ms. Jinguji sitting in the big chair behind the desk. His thoughts immediately turn to the conclusion that she must have called him here to take revenge, but she soon calms the panicked fellow. As she reveals her plan for the ultimate sex ward, he begins to understand why she called him. He has a talent that not very many people have, which is being able to turning innocent young girls into willing sex slaves! Eagerly, Dr. Hirasaka agrees to participate in her scheme, but says he needs a contract. Not willing to put anything in writing which would leave a paper trail, Narumi seals the deal with an "oral" agreement, if you know what I mean. And if you don't know what I mean, then you probably shouldn't be reading this!

Night Shift Nurses The first assignment Narumi gives Dr. Hirasaka just happens to be the young nurse he met earlier. He finally locates her in a patient's room, where he sees her talking to the muscular young man in way more fitting a girlfriend than a nurse. But it's when he sees them kiss that he becomes enraged with jealousy, and even more determined to make her his sex slave. When she is then called to the front to meet with some visitors, he follows, and discovers that she's paying these tough looking fellows to keep quiet about an incident which would disgrace her patient, who's apparently a famous young boxer.

Night Shift Nurses This is exactly what the doctor needs to blackmail the young nurse. So before she heads home for the night, our good doctor calls her into his office for a little chat, which quickly turns into an uninvited grope session. Hirasaka reveals to her what he knows as she continues to struggle free, and when she pleads with him not to tell anybody, he stops for a moment, and agrees. We get to see her eyes light up and a smile cross her face for the first since she entered the room, at least until his hands begin wandering again. C'mon girl, how could you have not seen that coming?! You seriously think he would bring you into his office, feel you up, then agree to keep your secret and let you leave?

Night Shift Nurses Well, it's not long before sex slave number one has started her "training" that Narumi provides Dr. Hirasaka with his second assignment, a young nurse (aren't they all?) involved in some kind of mistake that caused a patient to end up in the ICU (that's short for Intensive Care Unit, where you go when you're really bad off). And if that wasn't bad enough, the patient eventually died. Thus once again the good doctor has the blackmail he needs to make distraught young woman into a nice little sex slave. Her initiation goes pretty much the same way as the previous one, with a little variation in the sex and the props involved. And wouldn't ya know it, but so far both girls have been virgins.

Night Shift Nurses The problem comes the day after, when she runs into him outside on the hospital grounds. She reveals to him that she's decided to go and tell the police everything, her involvement with patient's accident and Dr. Hirasaka's assault. That's when he pulls a little digital video cassette from his pocket, explaining that if he had their entire experience on the little tape, and had no problem making it public if she talked. So what does she have to do to get the tape back, you ask? Yeah... you know... yeah. And if you don't know, then go away, 'cause you shouldn't be reading this! So Dr. Hirasaka figures why wait, and pulls her through some bushes where they immediately start going at it. Surprisingly enough, when he finishes he actually gives her the tape. Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all... oh wait, you mean that tape was just a copy? Yeah, he's still such a bad guy.

Night Shift Nurses For the doctor's third assignment, things get a little trickier. With nothing on her to blackmail, the doctor has to set her up and make something to blackmail her on. It takes some ingenuity on his part, but of course he succeeds, and once we get past that, it's back to the same method of training for the young lass. Then, just when you're ready see what's going to happen to these nurses now that they're "trained", the anime ends. Just like that. Yep, I trained me some nurses, the end. In order to find out what happens with the young ladies, what Narumi's real intentions are, and what happens with the creation of the sex ward, you'll need to pick up the sequel... or at least I would hope so, because it's obviously frustrating when something you're watching just ends without closer.

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