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Anime Profile: Sexy Sailor Soldiers

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sexy Sailor SoldiersSexy Sailor Soldiers
1 OVA episode1 OVA episode
Critical MassStudio MOONROCK
Masaharu Tomoda
Action, HentaiAction, Hentai
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Chisato Yamane βŠ• Chisato Yamane βŠ•
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Eiko βŠ• Eiko βŠ•
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Inma βŠ• Inma βŠ•
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Katsuo Koishikawa βŠ• Katsuo Koishikawa βŠ•
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Keiko βŠ• Keiko βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Sexy Sailor Soldiers

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chisato Yamane βŠ• Chisato Yamane βŠ• Mr. Sasao βŠ• Mr. Sasao βŠ•
Eiko βŠ• Eiko βŠ• Nami Koishikawa βŠ• Nami Koishikawa βŠ•
Inma βŠ• Inma βŠ• Naoko βŠ• Naoko βŠ•
Katsuo Koishikawa βŠ• Katsuo Koishikawa βŠ• Tomoko βŠ• Tomoko βŠ•
Keiko βŠ• Keiko βŠ•

Description: Sexy Sailor Soldiers

Busty blonde Nami Koishikawa just started a new job as a waitress, and wouldn't you know it, but her breasts are just too big for the skimpy little uniform! She barely gets those monsters squeezed inside, but you know they ain't gonna stay in there for long! Soon after she comes out from the changing room picks up a parfait to serve her first order, she stumbles slightly into a nearby teen boy who instinctively tries to catch her. Unfortunately, his actions only cause her shirt to pop open and cause her to fall onto a nearby gentleman... well, at least he seemed like a gentleman until Nami lands square on him with her large, uncovered breasts full up in face, then we learn he is actually a pervert pretending to be a gentleman. And lucky for Nami's parfait, another new waitress, the sexy blue-haired Chisato, has mad reflexes and is able to catch it before it was able to splatter all over the restaurant floor.

Sexy Sailor Soldiers Later that night after closing, Nami heads out with the garbage, and who does she encounter but some half-naked babe in some kind of torn-up cosplay outfit. She appears to be hurt, but before Nami can go for help the woman grabs her and hands her a strange palm-sized item that looks like some kind of eyeball pendant. The woman asks Nami to take over, and when Nami takes the pendant, the woman vanishes into thin air, leaving Nami a might confused.

Sexy Sailor Soldiers While on the train, pondering over what just happened, out of nowhere a pervert comes up behind her and starts majorly feeling her up. When Nami can take no more, a flash of light shoots out from her pendant and her clothes are astonishingly transformed into some super-skimpy super-hero type threads. Upon seeing this, a whole lot of guys on the train car lunge out to start feeling her up, and before she knows it she finds herself flying straight up and out of the moving train.

Sexy Sailor Soldiers Nami clumsily tries to make her way home through the air, still knowing not of how in the world she is able to fly. Well, she eventually makes it there, though the ends up crashing through the window and landing right on top of her older brother, Katsuo, who happened to be doing something... private, while watching some cosplay porn. So when he sees the sight of his sister all dressed up as a cosplay girl, he starts flipping out and telling her there is no way he's going to allow that! Of course, Nami has no idea what he's talking about. She doesn't even know what's happening to her!

Sexy Sailor Soldiers A little later on, after Katsuo takes off, Nami's boss from the restaurant, Mr. Sasao, stops by saying that he brought a custom made uniform since hers didn't so well. He has no problem inviting himself in, even though (or should I say "especially since") Nami had just gotten out of a bath and only had a towel on. So he gives her the uniform, but when she goes to try it on she finds that it doesn't cover hardly anything! The super-short skirt is divided in front so her panties are clearly visible, and her "shirt", if that's what you can call it, barely comes down far enough to cover her nipples.

Sexy Sailor Soldiers Once she has it on, Mr. Sasao has no problem barging in to see how it looks, and he likes what he sees! All of a sudden tentacles come out of his back and fly toward Nami, grabbing a hold of her arms and pinning her against the wall while he gets to take a closer look... and feel. Turns out, Mr. Sasao is actually a sex demon, and that eyeball pendant, besides allowing Nami to transform and fly, also makes her give off strong sex pheromones in order to attract sex demons! She is able to grab hold of her pendant which was lying nearby, and her transformation knocks back the demon. Before he is able to get a hold of her again, Katsuo shows up and gives Mr. Sasao a good right hook, knocking him to the floor!

Sexy Sailor Soldiers Of course, the demon is able to just get up and shake it off, so when it throws Katsuo against the wall, Nami stumbles and falls out the window. Good thing she was transformed, because if she would have landed on the ground, she could have been seriously hurt. As it is, she takes off flying, and Mr. Sasao, after sprouting a pair of wings, takes off after her. Nami's friend, Chisato, hears what's going on from Katsuo, and she herself transforms into a similar scantily-clad super-hero. She quickly takes flight in an attempt to locate Nami, while Katsuo just stares in amazement at the sight he just saw.

Sexy Sailor Soldiers When Chisato finally locates Nami, she is in the grasp of the sex demon, and her attempt to free the struggling blonde only ends up with her being trapped in a barrier portal, which seems to be like another dimension. Here, the sex demon continues his fun with Nami, while several other demons have some fun of their own with Chisato. When Nami sees what's happening to Chisato, she decides that she must rescue her, and then a quick flash of light later and they're no longer in the portal, and the demon appears to burst into flames. From behind the charred body, we see another sexy super heroine, with her hand held out, pointed at the exact spot where the demon's just burned away.

Sexy Sailor Soldiers We soon discover additional super heroines, and a quick slaughter ensues between them and a few fairly pathetic demons. And then when only the busty girls are left standing and we think it's all over, Mr. Sasao pops up behind Nami. The girls are unable to act for fear of the demon killing her, but Nami is able to release her own weapon, a sword, and slices the demon in half! I must tell you, this was really an enjoyable hentai, and I seriously hope there is going to be some sequels. The sex scenes weren't really the greatest, but it was funny and exciting and I'd love to learn more about the other character and see what adventures they have fighting other sex demons.

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